weeping Wednesday poor kitty :( & missing persons Bennington Triangle Paula Welden (1946)

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weeping Wednesday poor kitty :( & missing persons Bennington Triangle Paula Welden (1946)

Post by redpill on Wed May 23, 2018 11:17 am

in my news feed

Cougar attack: Seattle mountain bikers killed, injured in Washington ...
3 days ago - ‘Something was wrong with this cougar’: Animal that killed biker, injured another was emaciated. ... The adult male cougar stalked the cyclists, and instead of running away after the victims tried to scare it off, the animal returned and attacked them. ... “Something was wrong with ...

Cyclist did everything right before 'emaciated' cougar attacked ...

2 days ago - A man killed by a mountain lion in Washington state and his friend who escaped did everything they were supposed to do in an attack, ...

reading it

i'm kinda sad for this poor kitty. it's just trying to eat and it's emaciated. sadly it picked a human to kill and eat.

sadly this poor kitty was hunted down, with help of dogs, and killed, and its brains removed for "necropsy"

i wouldn't want to be killed and eaten by a cougar, but i have a pet kitty and i'm sad when i see cats killed as road kill or killed like this

a human being might torture and murder you, true a big cat can kill you but my pet cat likes to cuddle and sit on my lap

reading what happened to the cyclist, who was a female to male transgender

also in the news was the bear that attacked a 5 year old girl

May 15, 2018 02:16 PM.
A 5-year-old Colorado girl is recovering after being attacked by a bear in her own backyard, according to reports.May 15, 2018
5-Year-Old Attacked By Bear In Backyard | PEOPLE.com

that bear was also hunted down and defeated, like the jedi after order 66

Wildlife Officials Kill Bear That Attacked 5-Year-Old « CBS Denver

May 14, 2018 - Authorities in Grand Junction have killed the bear they believe attacked a 5-year-old girl outside her home early Sunday morning.

 don't have a pet bear so i'm not emotional over death of a bear. i

i realize now many missing persons from  Bennington Triangle Paula Welden 18 (1946)

these photos of Paula Welden taken on or before 1946
look surprisingly modern and sharp, given camera technology at the time


Diane Provost. Diane was playing in the sand at the edge of the trees, while her father tried to unsnag his fishing line. Her parents has turned their backs for a minute, when they turned back, Diane was gone.

may have been victims of a cougar or bear attack, killed and body dragged

i kinda had my hopes high Paual Welden

is still alive, still 18 to this very day,  trapped in the Triangle

on the Aeolus

my fan theory is  Bennington Triangle Paula Welden (1946)  is Jess

still an 18 year old teen due to the nature of a time loop. when she gets older the time loop recurses like the menstrual cycle

so if i bicycle in washington state will a cougar or bear attack and kill me, not to mention a killer like Abigail Williams and liberty german?

weeping Wednesday poor kitty Sad it's probably emaciated bc both humans are cutting down forests and human hunters are killing its prey, deer.  so it killed a human to eat. it gets killed and its brain sucked out

kinda reminds me of this one

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