My views on Ireland's Abortion referendum - why Irish should vote to legalize abortion

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My views on Ireland's Abortion referendum - why Irish should vote to legalize abortion Empty My views on Ireland's Abortion referendum - why Irish should vote to legalize abortion

Post by redpill on Thu May 24, 2018 4:39 pm

Thu May 24, 2018

warning this post contains *spoilers* to triangle 2009

my news feed has several articles listed

Ireland referendum: What happens inside an abortion clinic

Irish Abortion Referendum Proving Deeply Divisive

Landmark abortion vote in Ireland may change constitution
Chicago Sun-Times•May 24, 2018

one of the links clicks to a video where you see elderly Irish in church, a Catholic church, praying to Jesus Christ that this vote is defeated and Ireland remains prolife.

He said Abortion is of Satan.

yeah i went to a church that had similar views. that Abortion is Satan, the devil, and that Jesus Christ is prolife.

Jesus also made all kinds of claims, esp claims about prayer that is simply untrue. and the existence of Satan is highly suspect.

So the religious opposition to abortion is based on the idea Satan favors abortion and Jesus is against abortion.
it turns out the church of satan does indeed favor abortions, whereas my church and catholic church is against abortion.

i've seen churches that are prochoice and even say that jesus is prochoice and supports a woman's right to an abortion. there's a list of churches that are prochoice, including united methodist and presbyterian, church of Christ, among others, for them the example of jesus christ is that he is an abortionists.

christians it seems can hold completely contradictory positions on abortion.

i happen to agree with prolife christians that jesus of the gospels would regard a fetus to be a person, a child of god, and that abortion is a violation of what god intended. jesus in the gospels said a woman is blessed when she has a fruit of the womb, so obviously a woman with a fruit in her womb wanting to abort it is taking god's blessing and throwing it away. jesus also said he's coming "soon" and that his generation would not pass away until the world ends, and these statements are clearly false.

I have no doubt if i were a woman, and i had a fetus in my uterus i would want a safe and legal abortion.

unless there really is hell for women who have abortion, and for doctors who abort, i'm thinking of jess in the triangle.

a popular triangle fan theory of what happened to jess is she murdered her son tommy at 8:17am and then she and the crew of the triangle drowned in the sea. her punishment is to be in a Sisyphusean loop. it kinda sorta works in a charles dickens christmas carol sort of way when at the end of the movie jess kills jess, and promises to be a new mommy for tommy, only to kill tommy in a car accident. to be with her son she tells taxi driver death to take her to harbor to restart the cycle on the triangle.

imagine if when a woman who has had an abortion, or an abortionist, or in my case a prochoice supporter, when we die, we enter a time loop where everyday a woman has to relive her abortion for all eternity like jess. or the ghost of her child soul like the 3 ghosts of christmas in charles dicken's novel a christmas carol, she has to meet the soul of the child she aborted over and over again, this child saying mommy why you aborted me then the time loops. with the moment she has abortion, then she dies, then her soul meets soul of the aborted fetus, then the time loops back to moment she had an abortion, but unlike jess in triangle, she remembers. and can't change it.

what a nightmare.

right up there with being abducted by aliens,

so unless jesus appears and promises to provide actual genuine medical miracles such as completely curing my mother of Alzheimer's dementia, that would be something that could change my mind. i don't believe god has ever spoken to me ever. i don't believe prayers work.

Ireland should allow women to have access to a safe and legal abortions.

one benefit to legalizing abortions is think of all the serial killers, murderers, mass shooters, drunk drivers, bullies, psychopaths animal torturers, that are aborted every year.

if it weren't for abortion, how many more car jacking, mass shootings, school shootings, serial killers, drunk drivers and drug addicts and drug dealers, gang members would we have in the world?

imagine a world where every single murderer, drunk driver, gang member and nasty people and bullies are aborted. so only nice people are born.

again, jesus appearing before me and offering to provide genuine miracle based benefits could change my mind on abortion to prolife, but i'm highly skeptical of the claims of religion. as i write, i know jesus loving prolife christians who had cancer or flu and died, or killed in car accidents, murdered, or otherwise suffer and die, and like the jews during the holocaust, it seems being religious didn't alter the outcome

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