throwback Thursday redpill's time machine remembering Michael Jordan

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throwback Thursday redpill's time machine remembering Michael Jordan Empty throwback Thursday redpill's time machine remembering Michael Jordan

Post by redpill on Thu May 24, 2018 9:50 pm

Thu May 24, 2018

the friends of dana point jane doe Holly Glynn tell me that being teen girls of the 1970s and early 80s in California tell me they were heterosexual boy crazy teen girls who came of age in the 1970s in California

they tell me growing up they loved rock music and esp

Led Zeppelin

throwback Thursday redpill's time machine remembering Michael Jordan Led-ze10

Led Zeppelin is for Holly and her friends what Justin Bieber and One Direction is for today's teen girls.

they loved Led Zeppelin went to his concerts and wanted to have his baby.

For them heavy rock music, partying, sex and drugs is life in California of the 1970s.

I grew up in the suburb of Chicago in the 80s and the biggest rock stars were Prince, Michael Jackson, Madonna, George Michael, Tiffany Debbie Gibson

for me and for a lot of boys, we grew up watching and following

throwback Thursday redpill's time machine remembering Michael Jordan 16053010

starting from elementary school i heard of some guy who can fly. who can jump and stay in the air, which is called hang time for like 10 seconds, who was amazing on the basketball court and will one day win a


for the chicago bulls.

Chicago Bulls will have its very first CHAMPIONSHIP.

i remember all the talk about trades, about this coach Doug Collins getting fired and i remember Phil Jackson was hired.

all this talk about the Triangle.

Not Triangle movie but the Triangle Offense

and how the Bulls drafted Scottie Pippen.

I even remember my classmates saying the Bulls traded Michael Jordan's best friend Charles Oakley who was young which upset Michael Jordan and got a much older guy. I didn't understand it at the time, but I now know that Charles Oakley played power forward, and the Bulls needed a center in Bill Cartwright.

One thing that i heard was that Jerry Rhinesdorft was a cheap ass J*w, in that he wanted to save money by short-changing Scottie Pippen and talked about trading Pippen bc Pippen wanted more money.

But yeah watching Michael Jordan was like the most exciting thing I've ever seen in sports.

I've seen both White Sox and Cubs and I thought then and now baseball is boring. Though in the 80s baseball was still the most popular sport, i think, maybe football to.

one of my classmates played baseball but then died of leukemia. he's been dead since 80s.

and there was football, the Chicago Bears.

But the most exciting sport for me to watch, then and now was Michael Jordan.

I was there when he was spoken of as the Chosen One. He was like Neo, like Anakin Skywalker

He was the one who was Chosen to bring the NBA championship to Chicago.

notice the singular. we talked about a championship.

and just how exciting how agile it was to watch Michael Jordan.

I still remember watching Jordan and the bulls against the detroit PIstons and LOSING.

and then in the next year, i remember watching Jordan and bulls against detroit Pistons, and WINNING, and I still remember the Pistons walking off the court, with a few seconds left, but not congradulating or handshaking Michael Jordan and the Bulls.

about the same time i got my first true game console, the sega master system and my first computer the tandy 1000sx

and all the commercials involving Jordan and Nike, and the gatorade song be like Mike

and news reports of kids killing kids to get their Air Jordan sneakers.

the abduction of Amy Mihalavic was in my local news at the time.

I remember the news of Michael Jordan's father murder, how he was driving a Lexus and pulled over to sleep and was ambushed, car jacked

and Michael Jordan announcing his retirement to play baseball, then his return from retirement, which he could possibly have won 8 or even 9 championships, in 99 against the spurs.

I remember watching Jordan then winning the first of what is now 6 championships, against the Lakers and Magic Johnson.

I watched live each of Michael Jordan's championship as it happened on CBS or NBC.

The streets of my suburb was completely empty as everyone was glued to the TV watching the game

and all the drama surrounding Jordan and Phil Jackson and Jerry Kruase, and Dennis Rodman.

I was friends with someone from Seattle and we talked about Seattle Supersonics vs Bulls in the finals.

Already we were saying Michael Jordan was the greatest of all time in basketball. And sports magazines saying Micheal Jordan is the greatest athlete who had ever lived.

Jordan was someone everyone was talking about. all the time. until it was briefly interrupted by the OJ Simpson trial. OMG!

i've met others from other cities and they said yeah the commercials in their city was,  Michael Jordan is coming to town!
watch Michael Jordan fly.

we- fans of the Chicago Bulls felt we were witnessing somethign very special.

since Jordan's last game which i saw live, against Utah Jazz, bball is not the same and Chicago Bulls obviously isn't the same. and for the most part i don't follow professional sports

but yeah first hearing about Michael Jordan in elementary school sometime in the middle 80s, then watching him grow in statute, and then winning the first of 6 championships to the very last shot as a Bull as he pushed off in the Jazz finals, after stripping Karl Malone from a pass from John Stockton was a truly magical experience

Michael Jordan, like Bruce Lee, is the closest real world example of a superhuman, superhero.

time of course continues on and it's all now in the past.

i've not had much interest in kobe bryant or lebron james, just isn't the same.

i think a lot of it for me is how i perceived things as a kid, vs how receptive my mind is now as an adult pale

an entire generation of children now teens or young adults grew up not knowing Michael Jordan or Bruce Lee. affraid

If you only knew the POWER of the Daubert side

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