Ireland abortion, Jesus Christ - the tribe has spoken

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Ireland abortion, Jesus Christ - the tribe has spoken Empty Ireland abortion, Jesus Christ - the tribe has spoken

Post by redpill on Sat May 26, 2018 1:57 pm

Sat May 26, 2018

the votes are in. Ireland by a landside has voted to repeal the 8th, and abortion will be legalized in Ireland.

So Ireland has voted to legalize gay marriage and now abortion.

as they in survivor,

the tribe has spoken.

amusingly, Ireland on surveys say

The 2016 Census indicated that Ireland remains a strongly Roman Catholic country, with 78.3% of the population identifying as such. This represents a fall of 5.9% since the last census in 2011 and a fall of 13.3% over a 25 year period since the 1991 Census.

when i was a believing christian i was told on homosexuality and abortion a simple question

what would jesus do?

would jesus be inside abortion clinics vacuum suctioning out fetal brains?

would jesus approve of the homosexual lifestyle?

having watched the movie final destination and listen to fire and brimstone and sodom and gomorrah

if a dinosuar killing asteroid lands on the usa, uk, ireland australia for legalizing homosexuality and abortion

and i somehow survive i might reconsider.

as it stands, the question of what jesus would do is of no relevance to me personally. jesus promises to answer prayers, to answer healing prayers, and it seems clear to me the claims of the amazing power of prayer is most likely false, though i might still pray to some higher power.

irish prolife christians prayed for this referendum to fail, that abortion is the works of satan, and obviously god and jesus didn't answer their prayer.
god and jesus allowed ireland to legalize abortion.

regarding prochoice "christians" and progay "christians" why not just simply abandon Christianity and join prochoice atheists and prochoise feminists and the church of satan, who all support a woman's right to an abortion and gay marriage

when i see all these ireland prochoice women celebrating victory on the news

i'm thinking we've come a long way when i was a kid in a catholic elementary school.

in christian religion we are taught jesus is god's only son, so his opinions matter ours don't
jesus answers prayers, and he has the power to decide who goes to heaven and who goes to hell. only those who believe in jesus go to heaven, and prochoice feminists obviously reject jesus message of love and self-sacrifice

these prochoice feminists believe that jesus opinions don't matter, only the woman's choice over her own body matters

there are prochoice christian churches like the united methodist church, the church of christ and other liberal churches that embrace abortion rights on the grounds jesus would never force a woman to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term. they see jesus sucking out fetal brains via abortion.

to prochoice christians, would jesus see an unborn as a child with a soul, created in the image and likeness of god? would jesus love extend to the unborn? if not why not? again jesus said to turn the cheek and love enemies and give them your cloak.

personally i think these ideas are ludicrous in the real world but if you hold those principles dear, i don't see how you can claim to be a christian and support abortion. the church of satan and satanists believe satan supports a woman's right to an abortion. so it seems prochoice christians feminists abortion rights activists are in agreement with satan that abortion should be safe and legal.

prochoice christians feminists abortion rights activists disagree with jesus and his father god

the question then that prochoice christians feminists abortion rights activists seem to be asking is, when it comes to abortion rights, what would satan do? satan supports abortion rights so prochoice christians feminists abortion rights activists agree with satan and support abortion and celebrate the repeal of 8th for ireland.

satan supports a woman's decision to terminate the life of the unborn growing in her uterus.
jesus christ believes the fetus growing in a woman's uterus is a life that is created in the very image of god.

i do find it amusing that many feminists are socialist and reject capitalism. abortion rights is capitalist, as capitalism is that there is a demand for abortion and there are doctors who supply abortion. plastic surgery is clearly capitalist, and abortion is no different than plastic surgery.

it seems to me prolife is a form of socialism, in that the woman has to sacrifice her own body and her own interests for some good, in this case the good of the fetus she is gestating. since prochoice feminists argue a woman has the right to be selfish and selfishly deny her uterus to a fetus, capitalism is an extension of the right to be selfish, and selfishly deny others the right to exclusive ownership of private property

e o wilson and atheist who specializes in ants, said of marxism, wonderful theory wrong species. ants have a truly socialist society based on self-sacrifice. humans aren't ants. a woman who wants an abortion is putting her own needs above that of the fetus
prolfers like ants, want women to self-sacrifice their own body to the needs of the fetus. socialists marxists wants workers to sacrifice their own individual desires for the greater good.

i kinda agree with them its ridiculous basketball players like michael jordan and lebron james kevin durant get paid billions in selling shoes, while millions of black kids in africa die of starvation. that's capitalism for you. i've not seen michael jordan and lebron james kevin durant or oprah winfrey say there are millions of fellow black children dying in africa so they will donate all their money to help them.

rock stars are also billionaires.

as for me i'm prochoice. if i had a cancerous tumor growing in my testicles i'd want a doctor to remove it. some women want a fetus expelled from their uterus, and they should be allowed to do so safely.

i ask jesus to cure my mother of alzheimer's dementia and make her normal and if jesus answers my prayer i'll consdier changing my views on abortion. as it stands i think jesus is an imaginary friend that some people with oxytocin g/g receptors feel they need cause they get high off the feelings of oxytocin. for them the thought "jesus loves me" and "jesus is prolife" is what gets them high.

i've heard of christians claiming jesus cures them, including alzheimer's dementia, and even if its just the placebo effect, its still a cure.

it makes sense to keep abortion safe and legal. i would even say free of charge. for women who genuinely believe that jesus is their savior and jesus is prolife, don't have abortion. for women who don't believe in jesus, who agree with satan, and want an abortion, it should be kept safe and legal for them.

the question i have for procohice christians is, the church of satan and the satanic bible and satanists support a woman's right to choose. the prolife movement is largely jesus loving christians. how can procohice christians support satan's desire for abortion rights and still claim to be christian. is following jesus more important or supporting abortion rights?

if jesus appeared to you personally and said that the prolfie christians are right and that he's prolife, would you continue to follow jesus or would you renounce jesus and join the satanist pro choice abortion rights activists? is jesus more important or abortion rights?

there are prolife christians who see abortion and homosexuality and other things like drugs and swingers as evidence satan power is increasing and the world is going to hell. jesus is coming soon to rapture the true believers. the nonbelievers will be left on earth and the earth will go to hell with idolatry and homosexuality and abortion and drugs, and then god will pour his wrath as described in revelation. plagues over the entire world, not just egypt.

i no longer believe in this.

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