Lost Kingdom of the Yeti what a trip

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Lost Kingdom of the Yeti what a trip

Post by redpill on Tue May 29, 2018 9:46 pm

i just watched

Lost Kingdom of the Yeti


back in the day i loved to watch shows like Lenard Nimoy in Search of, Monsterquest, finding bigfoot, Unsolved Mysteries

and of course the Yeti, the Himalayan bigfoot was on my radar

this documentary is about a team of scientists attempting to find the Yeti

using DNA

some photos

this guy actually develops high altitude sickness

he was helicoptered out.

watching this i realize i can never search for the yeti cause i could get high altitude sickness. an aussie woman and a hiker in colorado both died of high altitude sickness

these scientists are in Bhutan. yeti has a different name.

always amazes me how they get video footage given they are far removed from civilization and cameras have limited battery life. some of the footage is from drones

they actually do 2 things

1- the sample the snow of footprints they think might be yeti and
2- they sample pond water much like the dna search for loch ness


the pond water results

they said none of the persons in their expedition could have contributed to that dna so they speculate perhaps that dna came from a yeti, or a unknown tribe

one of the things i think finding bigfoot should have done, or any future bigfoot oriented reality tv show, is do dna testing. there was a $10 million bigfoot bounty by spike tv

they did dna testing on samples.

they meet the prince of bhutan and he hopes the yeti mystery is solved before he dies.

which is what i also hope

this documentary was filmed sometime 2017 or so

what's it like to live in Bhutan? high up there

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