WTF Wednesday A&E new series on cults and teen mission calls for Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses

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WTF Wednesday A&E new series on cults and teen mission calls for Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses

Post by redpill on Wed May 30, 2018 7:11 pm

Wed May 30, 2018

time for  WTF Wednesday

A&E new series on cults

Cults and Extreme Belief

i plan to go into more detail on

Cults and Extreme Belief  Season 1 Episode 1
in more detail later

but for now,

A&E Cults and Extreme Belief  Season 1 Episode 2

features the Jehovah Witness as a cult. specifically they feature a woman who said she was sexually abused within the church.

it is of interest to me personally as i've an aunt who is one, a  Jehovah Witness

they come to my door and knock and leave literature on a regularly basis, along with mormons

and one time a very good looking woman with a guy knocked on my door.

some of their beliefs overlapped with what i was told, such as the end times

pictures turned out smaller than i thought

Remy talked about being 4th generation jehovah witness how her mother grandmother great grand mother and even great great grandmother were all devout jehovah witnesses

she was born into it. from young age she went to school but felt she was made to feel a freak as she did not celebrate christmas easter valenetine's day refused pledge of allegiance etc

starting at age 4 she was sexually abused by a member. later in the documentary they quote from leviticus which states you need 2 witnesses, which again what are the chances 2 witness will personally see a young girl getting sexually abused?

jehovah witness also state jesus will even forgive child molestors

she left the religion and then accused them of child sexual abuse and coverup.

so this is similar to what's happen to the catholic church

growing up jehovah witness instill fear that the world is coming to an end, armageddon will come any minute and this world will be destroyed. only believers about 144,000 will live.

so if there are an estimated 8 million jehovah witness worldwide and only 144,000 will live how does that work mathematically?

again i've had  jehovah witness and mormons come knock on my door

i saw a very young attractive  jehovah witness with a guy  jehovah witness knock on my door. it was a saturday morning. i'm looking at her and i'm thinking wow she could be partying, doing drugs, getting high, be in the escort business but   she's knocking on my door.

kinda like this one

Lauren Jeffreys joins about 5,800 members and friends of Jehovah's Witnesses last weekend for the first of three successive regional conferences being held at the Von Braun Center Arena in Huntsville.
HUNTSVILLE, AL -- Lauren Jeffreys, 18, couldn't wait to graduate from Athens High School this May, but it wasn't for the reasons most seniors would have given.

In Jeffreys' case, it's because finishing high school frees her to fit future studies at Calhoun Community College around a minimum of 70 hours a month of church work. That's 70 hours of not getting paid to walk door-to-door under the hot sun, and face being rebuffed, sometimes rudely, as she offers to study the Bible with strangers.

Jeffreys, who is a lifelong member of the Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses, says there is plenty of reward in organizing her life around preaching as a Pioneer, the designation for those who commit to 70 hours a month of door-to-door canvassing and other witnessing.

"There is no greater joy than helping someone to understand the Bible," Jeffreys said last week as she joined about 5,800 Witnesses from around the Southeast during the first of three successive regional conventions being held in Huntsville.

"It's worth all those not-at-homes when you get that one person with questions," Jeffreys said.

She's used to fielding questions about whether Jehovah's Witnesses are Christians (yes - they believe they are saved through Jesus' death and resurrection, but that Jesus is not divine), why they don't salute the flag (they are patriots, but allegiance belongs only to God) and why they won't accept blood transfusions, even in cases of life or death.

"In the Bible, the blood represents life," Jeffreys said. "My life belongs to God. I don't have the right."

Her father, Jeff Jeffreys, a second-generation Witness, nods.

"To violate God's law to temporarily prolong my life would alienate me from God and wouldn't be worth it," Jeff Jeffreys said.

"She can show you in the Bible," added mom Lisa Jeffreys, also a lifelong Witness.

Witness to world
Jeffreys has two older brothers who have volunteered full-time for the church, serving in the U.S. and also in Chile and Paraguay. The chances are good that the church leaders will not send her as far afield as her brothers. While the Jehovah's Witnesses recognize women as full preachers, only men are allowed to teach congregations, and single women are rarely sent to other countries.

"I really feel like I've found the truth," Jeffreys said. "I know that's the only way I'm going to be really happy is to serve Jehovah. I don't want to look anywhere else."
"I can go anywhere in the world and go to a Kingdom Hall and hear the same message," she said. "We're very united."

i'm looking at this pic

"I really feel like I've found the truth," Jeffreys said. "I know that's the only way I'm going to be really happy is to serve Jehovah. I don't want to look anywhere else."
"I can go anywhere in the world and go to a Kingdom Hall and hear the same message," she said. "We're very united."

that's some serious brainwashing there.

this is so very similar to mormons and the mormon mission call

these mormon teens get a letter in the mailbox saying where they will do their mission and i think it is at age 18

and they seem so happy to do this

both teens are so excited to share the bible, and the book of mormons in the latter, by literally knocking door to door

not sure how it works for jehovah witness but for mormons at age 18 they get a letter in the mailbox telling them where they will go for mission. if i were a mormon teen i wouldn't be happy to go to a dangerous place like africa or india or learn a highly difficult language like chinese or japanese

in india i hear of women being raped and murdered every day. i wouldn't want to be sent there.

both mormons and jehovah witness knocked on my door.

i've read the bible and i agree with atheist marshall brain it sucks. i don't know how anyone can read it and think it's anything other than the words of primitive men

i do think the lifestyle of mormon and jehovah witness which includes no alcohol smoking drinking drugs tatoos or body piercings is kinda a healthy wholesome one

Lauren Jeffreys, 18 was 18 in 2010, it's 2018 now 8 years and i wonder if she still feels the same way about her bible and religion

yeah my church talking about end times got me interested in doomsday preppers and how the world can end at any second through Armageddon

from the 80s till now, 2018 no end of the world in sight though it's a fucked up place

what is reality? how do you define reality?

so one the one hand you have these

and then over the weekend you had these

just vote to legalilze killing unborn in the womb, aka abortion rights in ireland

clearly most women support abortion rights, hanging with prolife christian girls gives you a pretty distorted picture of the world.

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