crime shows on ID and Oxygen vs listverse 10 Creepy Fan Letters

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crime shows on ID and Oxygen vs listverse 10 Creepy Fan Letters  Empty crime shows on ID and Oxygen vs listverse 10 Creepy Fan Letters

Post by redpill on Mon Jun 04, 2018 7:37 pm

Mon Jun 04, 2018

i've watched a variety of crime shows from Forensic Files to shows on ID and Oxygen. growing up there was unsolved mysteries and american's most wanted, to crimes on news documentaries 20/20 and 60 minutes and dateline

today Mon Jun 04, 2018

i visited listverse

10 Creepy Fan Letters Written To Mass Murderers And Monsters


Some girls love bad boys. For every man who commits a massacre, there’s a whole crowd of women who go wild for him. More often than not, when serial killers and mass murderers make their way into prison, there’s a truckload of love letters waiting for them.We spend a lot of time trying to figure out what’s wrong with the men who kill—but the women who love them may be every bit as disturbed as the killers themselves. Here is a small collection of examples.

After white supremacist and mass murderer Dylann Roof opened fire on a church in Charleston in 2016, he got such a massive following of female fans online that they even came up with a name for themselves: “roofies.”For some reason, a group of women felt strangely aroused by the news of the murder. One was frankly honest about her confusing feelings, writing, “I feel so bad that I find Dylann handsome, but wtf can I do about it.”[2]Others, though, embrace it. One woman got his name tattooed beneath her breasts and kept a whole blog where she bragged about the love letters she’d sent him and shared lists of what she called “lesser known facts about Dylann.”In the Internet age, enough of these people can come together that they actually have subcultures within their fan club. Dedicated “roofies” scorn the new fans, who they call “newfies,” feeling an elite superiority for having admired the mass murderer from the second he massacred a church full of innocent people.“The OG’s are more mature & I would say know the most about Dylann, his life & the case,” one self-proclaimed roofie explained. “The newfies don’t really know a lot about him, they like to start drama.”

Anders Breivik, the white supremacist who massacred 77 people in Norway with pipe bombs and an assault rifle in 2011, receives at least 800 letters per year, most of them from female admirers.During his trial, a 16-year-old girl begged him to marry her, while a Swedish woman named Victoria has gotten on the news for declaring herself his one true love. She’s told the world that she loves Breivik so much that, in her words: “I really wouldn’t want to live a life without him.”[7]There are actually fan clubs online that give instructions on the best times to write Breivik letters and a guide on how to write him. “Are you a girl or woman that is in love with Breivik?” their guide says. “You should know this is perfectly natural, I encourage you to declare your admiration and love for Breivik. Publicly if possible, especially if you’re cute.”There’s a disturbing reason why they want more love letters going to Breivik. They want more copycats. The guide explains: “Men need to know that women admire militant nationalists.”

i had no idea of this.

these crime documentaries i see on tv and news don't feature "groupies" of murderers.

everyone knows of teen girl groupies for famous rock stars like Led Zeppelin to Elvis Beattles, to now Justin Bieber and One Direction.

but I had no idea there were teen girl and women who are groupies of murders, even homosexual killers like Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer isn’t just a killer. He raped, murdered, and dismembered the bodies of 17 boys, often even cannibalizing and desecrating their corpses after they were dead. And yet, for some reason, he was so popular with the ladies that in 1993 alone, his admirers sent him $12,000 to help him buy things in prison.A large chunk of that money came from one single fan in London, who was so enchanted by the stories of him desecrating young boys’ bodies that she sent him $5,920. She wasn’t the only person who sent him things, though. Most women just sent him a few dollars to spend on cigarettes and a couple of books or magazines to help him pass the time.“He did awful things,” one woman admitted when asked why she would send money to a serial killer, “but way deep down he isn’t a mean kid.”[8]

i had no idea of this.

i just learned something new today.

then again, i just watched 2 documentaries and i am learning about Allison Mack and Keith Rainer NXIM cult she was a part of .

watching it, i had no idea of this either. really beautiful women giving Keith Rainer money and sex. not the other way around.
i had no idea of this.

and i've even mused about starting a new religion but had no idea you could get benefits like what Allison Mack provided.

If you only knew the POWER of the Daubert side

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crime shows on ID and Oxygen vs listverse 10 Creepy Fan Letters  Empty Re: crime shows on ID and Oxygen vs listverse 10 Creepy Fan Letters

Post by MurderMysteryReader on Mon Jun 04, 2018 10:01 pm

I think it is sick ( and not the popular version of that word) that love women serial killers. Killers and serial killers are not cool or something anyone should aspire to be. They cross a major ethical and moral line. I believe in the death penalty and more of these killers on Death Row should be executed much sooner. Cults are terrible and twisted.


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