The very first personal computer i ever saw, trip down memory lane

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The very first personal computer i ever saw, trip down memory lane

Post by redpill on Wed Jun 06, 2018 10:43 pm

imagine the late 70s and early 80s

a time when personal computers were mostly a niche product

imagine going to schools, school libraries, school classrooms, homes, day cares, public libraries, work places and banks and there were no personal computers

most kids including myself have never heard of nor seen a computer.

imagine that. cause that was reality for me and my peers and classmates

The very first personal computer i ever saw,  

i was in second grade

as a classroom we went to the school library inside the school where we were shown books and card catalog, and where the teacher or librarian would read children books to us

one one day we had a special presentation

a computer

the librarian asked us if we knew what a computer was and we said no,

asked us if we've ever seen a computer before and we said no

again we were all second graders

so the librarian showed us the 1 pc computer in the library and possibly the entire school

this was what it was

it was a Apple IIc with 9 inch green monochrome

we were all amazed. we've never seen anything like it before

she inserted some programs and it was like watching magic

the one game she installed and let us look at was black couldron, but it was on a green monochrome 9 inch.

she showed us 5 1/4 inch disks.

my mouth dropped to the ground. she talked about the keyboard, the monitor and how you insert disks, and with apple you had to remove disk and flip them upside down

so the first pc game i saw and remember was black couldron on an Apple IIc

in second grade in the school library.

the experience was something like this

we were all amazed us second graders.

i remember the experience like yesterday. we kinda fought to take turns playing the character exploring the black cauldron world. it was slow but there was nothing else like it anywhere.

as i got older i got more exposure to both the apple 2c and the apple 2e

the 2 games i remember vividly playing endless on this was


and oregon trail

when i see toddlers with tablets and iphones i'm like wow.

in the third grade i remember kids started talking about some guy who could fly. my classmates spoke of some guy who could stay in the hair for like a minute. he was like superman.

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