Star Wars Han Solo, Darth Vader comic and Star Trek *spoilers*

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Star Wars Han Solo, Darth Vader comic and Star Trek *spoilers*

Post by redpill on Wed Jun 13, 2018 12:55 pm

Star Wars Han Solo, Darth Vader comic and Star Trek   *spoilers*

this post contains   *spoilers*

from return of the jedi to the phantom menace i filled those years watching star trek

mostly star trek voyager is the one i enjoyed most, but original star trek and TNG and deep space 9

during that time i missed light saber combat. jedi, the force. there was no knowledge of a sith before TPM. but the emperor being a bad jedi

i liked yoda talking about the force to luke in ESB

i watch the Star Wars Han Solo

it was a  fun campy lost in space like adventure but it didn't have any jedi or lightsaber combat

so i was kinda like meh

its star wars but it didn't feature what i like most about star wars, and why star wars over star trek, and that's lightsaber combat and jedi and sith dueling and talking about the force.

the surprise mastermind in the end is shocking if you only saw the movies, but if you've seen the clone wars and rebels you know a certain person was brought back

jedi yoda in last jedi said "we are what they grow beyond. that is the true burden of any master"

that's deep thoughts for me. i'm hooked.

i actually prefer certain story arcs in the clone wars and rebels over han solo movie, my fav being the arc of umbara with pong krell

i still want my jedi vs sith fix so i've been reading these comics

while i would prefer to watch this as a live action movie or at least a cartoon like clone wars and rebels

its still very entertaining for me.

darth vader #17 jedi barr empahasis that yoda obi wan and quinlan vos lives.

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