the planning that went into murder of Lindsay Elizabeth Buziak and lessons for Amy Mihaljevic and JonBenet Ramsey intruder theorists

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the planning that went into murder of Lindsay Elizabeth Buziak and lessons for Amy Mihaljevic and JonBenet Ramsey intruder theorists

Post by redpill on Thu Jun 14, 2018 8:12 pm

Thu Jun 14, 2018

i just recently learned of  Lindsay Buziak pictured below

Lindsay Buziak

someone out there, at least 2 persons a man and a woman, decided they want to murder Lindsay Buziak 24

my sources include

dateline nbc ID episode devoted to her

originally on youtube has been taken down for copyright

dateline has segments on it here

a crimewatch documentary on her

wikipedia page on her

Background and events leading up to the murder

Lindsay Buziak was born on 2 November 1983 to Jeff Buziak and Evelyn (née Reitmayer). She had one sister, Sara.[1] In 2008, 24-year-old Lindsay was an ambitious Victoria estate agent who had made a promising start to her career and was described by her family, friends and colleagues as being popular and caring.[2] Her boyfriend, Jason Zailo, is part of a prominent and wealthy family that owns a successful real estate business.[1]

In late January 2008, Lindsay Buziak received a call from a female who told Lindsay that she and her husband were looking urgently for a home to buy, with a budget of C$1 million. According to Lindsay, the caller had a foreign accent that she could not place, sounding "a bit Spanish but not really.” Lindsay believed the caller may have been faking an accent in order to conceal her identity. Unnerved by the nature of the call, Lindsay asked the caller how she had got her personal cell phone number, as she was a relatively junior employee. The caller said that a previous client of Lindsay's had passed it onto her. Still feeling suspicious, Lindsay attempted to contact the previous client to check this, but they were out of the area and unreachable.[2]

Lindsay told her boyfriend, Jason Zailo, and her father, Jeff Buziak, about the call and revealed her concerns. Jason encouraged Lindsay to take on the client because of the high commission she would get from the sale, and to reassure Lindsay, Jason offered to be outside the property in his car in case anything went wrong. Lindsay found a suitable property[3] and made an appointment with the client to view it at 5:30pm on Saturday 2 February 2008. The client then told Lindsay that her husband would not be able to attend the viewing and that she would come alone.
Day of the murder

Lindsay and Jason ate a late lunch at a restaurant, paying the bill at 4:24pm. They left separately in their own vehicles. It is believed that Lindsay went home to change clothes before the viewing. Jason travelled to an auto shop to pick up a colleague. Jason was running late, and CCTV at the auto shop showed him and his colleague leaving at 5:30pm. Jason and Lindsay had exchanged several text messages and Lindsay was aware that Jason would be late.

The street on which the house is located, De Sousa Place, is a small cul-de-sac containing four houses. Number 1702 is at the outer end of the cul-de-sac, on the intersection of De Sousa Place and a main thoroughfare, Torquay Drive. The side of the property and the fence of the back garden run parallel to Torquay Drive.

Despite the client telling Lindsay that she would come alone, a couple turned up for the viewing. At 5:30pm, two witnesses saw a 6-foot-tall Caucasian man with dark hair and a blonde-haired woman aged between 35 and 45 wearing a distinctively patterned dress walking up the cul-de-sac.[4][5] The witnesses then saw Lindsay shake hands with the couple, and from the body language of their greeting it appeared that she had never met them before. The three of them then entered the house.[2]

Jason and his colleague arrived at the cul-de-sac at about 5:40pm. As they were driving up to the property, he saw a man and a woman coming out of the front door; upon seeing him, they immediately turned around and went back inside the house.[4]

Jason parked outside the property for about 10 minutes. He then decided to drive back out to Torquay Drive and park there, as he did not want to be "a nosey, interfering boyfriend".[2] After waiting another 10 minutes parked on Torquay Drive, Jason texted Lindsay to ask if she was OK. Lindsay never opened this message.[6]

After 20 minutes had passed since Jason had arrived and seen the couple go back into the house, Jason went to the front door and found it locked when he tried to open it. Through the mottled glass on the front door, he saw Lindsay's shoes in the entrance hall, but there was no sign of movement and no one answered his repeated knocks at the door. At this point, he called 911. While Jason was on the line with the operator, his colleague found a gap in the fence in the back garden, entered the garden and saw that the back patio door was wide open. He called out to Jason, who told the operator that they were going into the house. Jason then hung up.[2]

Jason's colleague came through the property to unlock the front door to let Jason in. Jason immediately ran upstairs and found Lindsay lying in a pool of blood in the master bedroom.[4] Jason called 911 a second time and the emergency services arrived soon after.

Lindsay was pronounced dead when the paramedics arrived. She had been stabbed more than 40 times. There were no defensive wounds, indicating that she had probably been initially stabbed from behind and had no inkling of what was about to happen.[4] None of Lindsay's possessions had been stolen and she had not been sexually assaulted.

Jason and his colleague were taken into custody but were released without charge after their version of events was verified and the timestamped surveillance footage from the auto shop proved that they could not have committed the murder. According to the Saanich Police Department, Jason has been interviewed several times over the years and has always cooperated with the police. He has also passed a polygraph test. However, he has always refused to provide a DNA sample.[2]

Due to the complete lack of DNA, fingerprints or any other physical evidence at the scene, it is believed that the murder was a well-organized professional hit carried out by people who had killed before. The police are satisfied that the killers were leaving through the front door when Jason drove up to the property, and that they then fled through the back door, leaving the back patio door open and passing through the fence and back to a vehicle, which was presumably parked somewhere on or near Torquay Drive. This is consistent with the witness statements of the unknown couple walking (rather than driving) up the cul-de-sac, and the fact that all the vehicles on the cul-de-sac once the police arrived were accounted for.[4]

The cell phone used by the unknown woman to call Lindsay was purchased in Vancouver several months before the murder and had never been used until that call was made. It was activated under the name of Paulo Rodriguez, which authorities believe is a fake name. It was registered to a legitimate address in Vancouver, which is a business address, but it is believed that the business has no connection with the case and that its address was simply chosen at random.[2] The phone was deactivated soon after the murder and has not been used since.[7] Cell phone tower "pings" show that the phone travelled on the ferry from Vancouver the day before the murder. Authorities believe the phone was purchased for the sole purpose of the murder and was discarded afterwards.[3] This supports their theory that the murder was planned carefully and well in advance.

The family of Jason Zailo were investigated due to their connections with the cul-de-sac. De Sousa Court is named after developer Joe De Sousa, a friend and business associate of Sheryl Zailo, Jason's mother.[2] Part of the cul-de-sac was still under construction at the time of the murder, and De Sousa himself was at the location an hour before the murder, supervising the construction work.[6] However, the police have stated that no one in the Zailo family is a suspect.[4]

a website devoted to her by her father

and reddit discussions

while i don't know her personally the sources have provided me info.

in life Lindsay Buziak was a party girl of Vancouver area Canada, West Coast and a real estate agent.

someone - at least 2 - decided  Lindsay Buziak at age 24 needed to die. she needs to be murdered.
and 2 individuals are willing to risk getting caught and sent to prison for LIFE just to murder Lindsay Buziak

her friends, family, and Saanich police have no idea, though her boyfriend , Jason Zailo is considered a suspect

for me what's creepy is that i'm watching these fine documentaries i'm thinking

that's creepy. someone, possibly a stranger to her family friends and police really wanted  Lindsay Buziak

and based on eye witness testimony,  Lindsay Buziak when she met the 2 "buyers" did not recognize them, based on on body language.

which makes me think about me

is there someone i don't know out there who wants me dead. maybe i'm cutting my lawn a guy comes up and says hi, and then shoots me in the head dead? drives off?

is there someone out there who wants to murder me like someone wanted  Lindsay Buziak dead

investigators dug into her back ground didn't find anything except she happens to be old friends with someone who was related to a person who was involved in a cocaine drug bust.


this discussion is based on the above mentioned sources.

the second aspect is all the planning that went into her killing.

her killers think of Lindsay Buziak

and said to themselves, I want her dead. i want her to die.

so now they have a goal, the murder of   Lindsay Buziak

why they wanted Lindsay Buziak dead we don't know. we only know that 2 people wanted Lindsay Buziak dead based on the end result.

so they now have to start planning her murder.

how should we go about murdering Lindsay Buziak?

they considered a variety of plans and scenarios. they observe Lindsay Buziak is a real estate agent. she sells houses, in Saanich Canada area.

an idea popped in their heads.

maybe if they can get Lindsay Buziak to an empty home in a real estate showing, they can murder her there.

they have to then decide how they will lure Lindsay Buziak to a showing, how they will contact her, how they will murder her, and possible things that can go wrong and how to make the plan a success.

so they decide they need to contact her to falsely claim they want to view a home. they somehow obtained her own personal private unlisted phone number.

they have her number. but they decide they can't just call her since phone calls can be easily traced.

so at least 3 months in advance they acquire a burner cell phone. this would make it around November 2007. they also planned to pay in cash so that it can't be traced via credit card. they also bought it 3 months ahead of time in a convenience store, so there wouldn't be any footage from video camera of the surveillance.

the phone was never used, except for the 24 hours prior to her murder to call her, and after they called her, it was discarded and never used again. cell phone towers pinged a location to a ferry in the Vancouver area.

when they called her they already decided on several things as part of their planning.

they've had this burner phone for 3 months unused, they then activate it.  they also plan to have a woman talk to Lindsay Buziak.

they probably rightly reasoned that a man calling Lindsay Buziak would be highly alarming, so they  have a woman do so.

this woman then has a "fake" accent when talking to Lindsay Buziak.

they anticipated that Lindsay Buziak will ask how they got her number, so she told her a story, she got it from a previous client, and that client they named was "out of town" when Lindsay Buziak tried to call to verify.

this woman claimed to Lindsay Buziak she would come alone, so it would be woman to woman. her husband would not be available.

this had the intended effect of making Lindsay Buziak feel comfortable, after all, it's just another woman. a man could of course rape and murder a woman.

part of the planning is they had to describe the home they were looking for. a brand new house, million dollars, must be ready right away.  they most likely knew there was only 1 home that fit the description

that was the only house that fit the description of what the buyers want.

Lindsay Busiak wrote down what the buyers wanted

so it would seem likely that the killers actually personally visited this residence at some point prior to the murder. they knew where it was, how to describe it uniquely, and where to park the car.

prior to the actual sales, they parked their cars out of sight, and walked to the home. the change of plans of course was now there was a man and a woman.

part of their planning i think is that they knew eye witnesses would see them, so they asked themselves how to mitigate this

so the woman wore a highly flashy dress that distracted eyewitness, who only described a blond woman

eye witnesse remember the dress but not much detail about the man or woman.

Lindsay meets with them, lets them in, they show the house and then just 8 minutes after entering the home, as they enter the master bedroom they attack her from behind by stabbing her to death. 40 stab wounds, including the chest, where she just got breast implants.

of all the ways to kill, they planned to use knives. and of all the places in the home they could have attacked they attacked here

Lindsay was murdered and died.

it seems likely they also planned their escape

which possibly suggests they were in the home prior to the showing. the home had a lock box so someone would have to let them view the property, someone other than Lindsay Buziak, who had access to that key.

possibly a clue. who else had access to that property prior to Lindsay Buziak murder?

that's a lot of planning and a lot of possible points of failure in the plan

i strongly suspect her boyfriend Jason Zailo may have been part of the planning since he encouraged Lindsay to take up on the offer.

what i described are what is known, obviously the killers may have had a more extensive plan or more contingency measures

all this planning just to kill this person

Lindsay Buziak


if her boyfriend Jason Zailo wasn't involved, and that's a big if,

her family have no idea who would do this, or why. on reddit and those who knew Linday have no idea who would do this, who would go to such planning just to lure then kill Linday.

Someone wanted Lindsay dead, created a plan similar to what I described, and executed it.

on reddit there's all kind of speculation from the boyfriend Jason Zailo and his mother, to drug related, to even the highly competitive nature of real estate.

this could be a thrill kill.

this murder happened on  5:30pm on Saturday 2 February 2008.  by 5:40pm Lindsay was dead.

I wonder what her final thoughts were.

Lindsay was pronounced dead when the paramedics arrived. She had been stabbed more than 40 times. There were no defensive wounds, indicating that she had probably been initially stabbed from behind and had no inkling of what was about to happen.[4]

it seems Linday had no idea that she would be murdered by what eye witness suggest were 2 strangers to Lindsay.

a similar line of planning must have occurred to the killer of Amy Mihaljevic

lessons for JonBenet Ramsey intruder theorists

someone wanted Linday Buziak dead, for reasons that are unknown. no known motive. no suspects, except her boyfriend, who did not actually commit the crime thanks to time stamps. on video surveillance

2 people sat down and thought, what needs to happen to murder Linday Buziak. they come up with plans and possible responses on the part of Lindsay.

they somehow obtained her private phone number. they realized its best a woman talk to Linday and she should fake an accent. they thought Linday would ask how they got her number so they were prepared with that question when it came up and told her a story, that they got it from a previous client.

they knew she worked in real estate, they described the home they wanted to visit which would be where they would murder her by stabbing. they hid the knives from Lindsay. they parked their car in a location that was not seen by eye witness and they walked to their vehicle and sped away.

they knew there would be eyewitness so the female wore an attention getting dress.
they handpicked the home. and they killed her just 8 minutes after they entered, stabbing her from behind then in the breast area, and the left undetected from the back.

someone really wanted this person dead

for reasons unknown.

they had an escape and they left behind no fingerprints or DNA. which is why Saanich thinks it was a professional hit.

so perhaps an intruder, a killer really wanted Jonbenet dead

and as with the murder of  Linday Buziak they engaged in highly complex planning to kill Jonbenet for whatever the reason.

I've suspected that the intruder entered the Ramsey home weeks in advance, they got wind of the $118k bonus by going through John Ramsay's bank statement, and they obtained the yellow note pad and brought it home with them, tore out pages and wrote the ransom note and returned it on the night of Jonbenet's murder

i suspect both the dress in the Linday Buziak

and the ransom note in the Jonbenet case

were distractions.

someone unknown wanted  Linday Buziak murdered for unknown reasons. they came up with a complicated plan then successfully executed their plan.  Linday Buziak is dead. murdered. somehow this is what they wanted. the killers of Linday Buziak anticipated many potential problems with their plan, but were able to lure Lindsay to her death through lies and deception.

lesson for  JonBenet Ramsey intruder theorists is that 1- it refutes a lot of nonsense RDI spit out and 2- someone really wanted Jonbenet dead for reasons unknown. they came up with a complicated plan, collected information, then set their plan in motion.

something like this also happened to Amy Mihaljevic

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Re: the planning that went into murder of Lindsay Elizabeth Buziak and lessons for Amy Mihaljevic and JonBenet Ramsey intruder theorists

Post by MurderMysteryReader on Sat Jun 23, 2018 6:02 pm

Whoever killed JonBenet Ramsey did a whole lot of planning and had to know a lot about the Ramsey's and their home life to do this. It is ludicrous to think her murder was the result of panic and spur of the moment execution. This person had to know there was no dog to alert the Ramsey's that an intruder was on the premises or in home or that the Ramsey's would return home earlier than planned. I also believe that the killer had been in the home more than once prior to Christmas Day 1996. The RN imo was left to make the Ramsey's and police believe that JonBenet had been removed from the home by the kidnapper, so it was useless to do more than a cursory search for her in the home or grounds. All that was left was waiting for the ransom call according to procedure. The RN did it's job well.

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