Star Wars Han Solo missed an opportunity to include this Quinlan Vos story from legends EU

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Star Wars Han Solo missed an opportunity to include this Quinlan Vos story from legends EU

Post by redpill on Thu Jun 14, 2018 9:38 pm

I've seen the Star Wars Han Solo which i think is ok.

again it didn't have jedi vs sith and lightsaber combat so i'm kinda meh on it.

even Rogue 1 had some mention of it

in the old EU comics which I've read a lot from there was this story involving Quinlan Vos a Jedi and a very young Han Solo

having a story similar to that in Solo, where Han meets Quinlan Vos and openly scoffs and mocks the Force would have been a really cool scene.

Remember in ANH Han Solo mocks and ridicules Luke for believing in Obi Wan's tricks and nonsense.

The Han Solo movie has no scenes which explains how Han Solo came to such conclusions.

This old EU comic where Han meets Quinlan Vos partially explains that.

so it's a missed an opportunity

1- to explain how Han Solo became so disbelieving in the Jedi and
2- to show Quinlan after order 66

quinlan in the comics mentions the force with han and han then says that's crazy talk.

it was in the old EU legends comics featuring a young han solo, and it would have been perfect to include in the now canon han solo movie.

they did insert another character who is a dark side force user, who didn't interact with han solo directly.

the clone wars explains how this character is still around.

in ANH a young luke meets obi wan, and luke is trying to make sense of obi wan, ultimately embracing what obi wan says about the jedi and the force

in solo, they could have had parallel scene where a young han solo also meets quinlan vos to make sense of vos and the Force, but unlike luke ultimately rejecting it as simple tricks and nonsense and hokey religions

it would provide a backstory to han's response to luke in ANH

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