What would a prequel to Triangle 2009 movie be like?

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What would a prequel to Triangle 2009 movie be like? Empty What would a prequel to Triangle 2009 movie be like?

Post by redpill on Mon Jun 25, 2018 9:13 pm


this post contains *spoilers* to Triangle 2009 movie

Mon Jun 25, 2018

today i ordered  a pizza, the guy i order pizza with at papa johns knows i'm a comic book and star wars geek.

i recommended he watch Triangle Movie starring Melissa George and Liam Hemsworth.

amazingly, all the actors are australian yet they speak american english with NO accent. i only learned this when i read the wiki article

it got me thinking of both a sequel and a prequel

it's not clear to me a sequel would be much use, since Jess is clearly trapped in a time loop. i suppose the sequel is she accepts her son is dead, then goes to hell for killing him.

another sequel idea would be that jess on the aeolus finally does something different, only to get new crew, perhaps crew from the lost flight 19 from 1945 bermuda triangle and other ships and airplanes lost at sea via paranormal events.

maybe not a big budget hollywood movie but more like a tv series like lost

could be a comic book but not a movie, as making movies is expensive and even Solo star wars movies flopped. i think it costed $300 million to make and its return has been disappointing.

i plan to watch that Dinosaur movie this weekend when it comes to DVD

what would a prequel to Traingle look like?

i think there are two possibilities,

the first one would be how Jess originally got into the Triangle, and the very first time she's on that ship Aeolus

again i'm not talking a big budget $300 million dollar movie like star wars. more like a straight to DVD type movie.

the prevailing theory popularized by Peng's video on youtube is that Jess murdered her son Tommy and then drowns at sea, in the first loop, the car accident happens in the afterlife

but the second and i think could be movie worthy is this ship

What would a prequel to Triangle 2009 movie be like? Be675610

the origins of Aelous

it could be like Titanic with a paranormal twist.

presumably the Aelous was made sometime in the 1920s, perhaps it is shown a modern day divers attempting to locate it,

and this ship with the original crew from the 1920s enter the Bermuda's Triangle

where a storm, the same storm as seen on Triangle, envelops it.

strange paranormal events happen to the crew, who then abandon it and are all washed away.

maybe since they are in a time loop they see a future version of jess killing them

so it becomes a derelict ghost ship, where it finally meets the Triangle of our movie.

this australian movie didn't make too much money which i think is too bad since i think the mysterious universe this movie sets could be the basis of other stories,

similar to Cloverfield series

i think there could be comics tv shows and movies that expand the triangle movie universe.

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