sunday school with redpill RISC vs CISC, powerpc arm vs intel, christianity vs clean sheet

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sunday school with redpill RISC vs CISC, powerpc arm vs intel, christianity vs clean sheet Empty sunday school with redpill RISC vs CISC, powerpc arm vs intel, christianity vs clean sheet

Post by redpill on Sun Jul 01, 2018 11:04 pm

Sun Jul 01, 2018

time for sunday school with redpill

i play computer games and video games back in the day, and i build m own desktop pc's since mid 90s.

i self identify as a nerd/geek type

back in the day when star trek voyager ruled, i remember debates between computer designs specifically debates between Intel which PC's used and POWERPC which Apple used.

Apple used powerpc, which is based on RISC. Intel used CISC which it was claimed was slow and compliacated.

Even as recent as 2003 people were predicting the doom of intel and x86 to the much cleaner CISC

sunday school with redpill RISC vs CISC, powerpc arm vs intel, christianity vs clean sheet Adf72d10

intel has to maintain backward compatibility or software won't run. and it was backwards compatible to the original 8086 which was introduced way back in 1978, which itself was based on the 8008 introduced in 1970

so today's intel processors are compatible with a processor designed and introduced in 1978.

it's extremely complicated and hard to work with, but your software from yesterday will run on it. i still prefer and use office 2003, bc i don't care for ribbons myself on newer office.

it takes tremendous engineering effort by intel and amd to design cpu's but they make enough money to do so.

with RISC it's different.

it is a clean sheet design, and can be done for low power like ARM RISC which powers iphones and smartphones

the problem with RISC is you lose backward compatibility with intel software.

you wouldn't be able to run standard windows software on a RISC processor.

i think of this as a way to think of religions.

some new religions try to maintain compatibility with old religions, and in the West this means Christianity.

From Mormons, to Jehovah Witness, both who knocked on my door, to Christian Scientists, Adventists, Swedenborg New Church, to even Messianic Jews for Jesus, which I happen to be near a couple, etc.

they claim to be Christian, and still use the Bible and continue to use the same type of Christian Church experience.

Of course many of the problems of the bible and Christianity are still in their belief system, such as how can Satan, who is finite beat an allpowerful God? doesn't make any sense.

but by being compatible, they present a familiar experience for potential converts, and they can continue to use all the Christian hymns songs liturgery and Christian apologetic debating points that Christians have created over the centuries.

another approach would be something like Scientology, where you start with a clean sheet design, a clean sheet without any baggage and drawbacks of the past. you can make up anything you want. In Scientology ufo aliens and spirits and thetan levels are all stuff L Ron Hubbard made up bc he didn't have to worry about the bible and Christianity, he's creating a completely new religion.

i think one problem with a new religion is attracting converts, who have nothing to compare the experience to. and we live in a society that now knows of the potential dangers of cults like Jim Jones and David Koresh.

my thoughts on this matter is to take the bible, throw out the entire old testament, re-write the new testament removing all the unpleasant stuff, and presenting that as a "christian" church. this was done before by Marcion.

so it would be a kind of simplified belief system. no need to explain why god is a genocidal maniac in the old testament, as christian children as i once was, would only be reading a purified version of the new testament. i'd also remove references to the devil as that is simply nonsensical. i'd say evil comes from the dark side. jesus is of the light side.

the advantage of this is that many traditional christain church songs hymns, churches, could be re-used. but the big disadvantages of having the old testament would be avoided.

again though this would be a new religion and people don't trust cults and i don't have any magical miracle based super powers.

so creating a new religion unconnected with any past religions would be like computer engineers creating a new CPU based on RSIC.

no need for backward compatibility simplifies design, but all software has to be re-written to work.

creating a religion based on the bible and christianity has the advantage of backward compatibility to previous church structures, such as catholic and protestant churches, which is what mormons and jehoavah witness swedenborg new church do, but it has the drawback of all the historical baggage.

my solution would be to simply edit the bible to the point where it's just the gospels and redact new testament letters, so questions about how much god hates the canaanites and other useless b.s isn't something that would ever be read.

i've read a lot of atheist material attacking the bible, and most of it is directed at the old testament, though some of it is also directed against new testmanet ideas like hell, eternal damnation, satan, and of course the new testament i'm proposing would have to be modified so those issues don't even arise.

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