Tandy 1000sx: demon forge, spacewar, rogue, bard's tale where in the world was carmon san diego

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Tandy 1000sx: demon forge, spacewar, rogue, bard's tale where in the world was carmon san diego

Post by redpill on Mon Jul 02, 2018 6:20 pm

Mon Jul 02, 2018

my first pc was

like the picture i had a tandy cm-11 monitor and 2 floppy drives

i of course got a pc to play games.

all the games required a dos booter,

the first DOS game i saw was on a IBM PC xt type clone, it only had regular CGA graphics and sound

it was demon forge

it was definitely a D&D type adventure where you had to type in commandments.

i had played D&D and used my imagination but here the magic of the computer could display pictures, kinda like a story book, and i was a kid at the time so it seemed magical

i liked playing spacewar, and it was esp fun against my friends

i think these games were like 50 kilobytes on my 360k floppy 5 1/4

another fun D&D type game was rogue DOS

in that game, you use a letter and you fight monsters you only knew the names in terms of a letter.

for me it brought D&D to life. i loved collecting items, magical items and upgrading my character's power.

the D&D game that i enjoyed most on the tandy 1000 was bard's tale

i enjoyed getting new spells, i learned about different kinds of spells, and this game my friends and classmates also played, and we talked about what to do at certain points in the game.

i also used my imagination to imagine what it'd be like in this world.

i told my parents computers are educational and one game i enjoyed playing was where in the world was carmon san diego

the game would ask you geography questions, which you had to answer.

at school, i played oregon trail on the apple 2e

of course if it were possible in a paranormal time loop way i'd like to trade places with a 5 year old today and play star wars battlefront or the new shenmue game coiming out.

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