my theory of free will in context of fundamental physics

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my theory of free will in context of fundamental physics

Post by redpill on Thu Jul 05, 2018 1:10 pm

fundamental physics at present concluded that the matter we see can be reduced to several fundamental particles, which is called the standard model

all fundamental physics tells us, at present, is that certain entities such as electrons and quarks and photons have certain properties when measured by an experiment, properties like charge mass spin, etc. and the rules of these properties when observed.

what physics doesn't tell us, is what an electron or quark is in itself, only as it appears and the rules it follows based on observation.

maybe these entities have additional degrees of freedom that cannot be measured and observed, that gives rise to free will.

science only tells us the properties of these entities that they can observe and measure in an experiment, and then come up with theories, in this case quantum field theories, to explain how they interact, based on gauge theory.

what science cannot do is tell us if they have any properties other than those that can be observed and measured in experiments.

perhaps electrons and other particles also have other properties, and that under certain circumstances they can give rise to consciousness and free will

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