in the abortion debate, i'm surprised there's very little about doctors who provide abortions, abortionists

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in the abortion debate, i'm surprised there's very little about doctors who provide abortions, abortionists

Post by redpill on Thu Jul 05, 2018 7:57 pm

Thu Jul 05, 2018

in the recent news,

ireland decides on a vote and voted to legalize abortion

the supreme court now has a vacancy with Kennedy's retirement and there's a concern Trump's appointed successor will over turn Roe V Wade

also in the news is an abortionist whose error resulted in a woman's death, so that doctor in new york is heading to prison

not too long ago was news about kermit gosnell an abortionists who took the extra step of intentionally killing fetus after abortion, so he's charged with murder

the videos from Center of Medical progress which resembles animal rights activists videos of animals suffering during medical experiments.

i have always thought abortion, especially prolifers are in many ways similar to animal rights activists, in that prolifers talk about fetal rights and show pictures of aborted fetuses, and animal rights activists infiltrate research centers to show how science performs experiments on animals, causing pain and suffering on them.

how is a fetus different from an animal, and should there be fetal rights as there are animal rights?

most of the debate over abortion is about a woman's autonomy and choice over her own body. it's her uterus, and she decides whether to support a fetus in it.

but i'm surprised there's not a whole lot of discussion about abortionists, and whether a doctor performing an abortion is acting morally, whether its ethical for a doctor to suck a fetus out of a uterus, which is a separate issue.

if animal rights activists are opposed to doctors performing experiments on animals, what about doctors who such out fetal brains and then perform experiments on fetal tissue?

and do abortionist have any moral and ethical responsibility to the fetus? if the abortion results in a viable fetus do they have a moral responsibility to the fetus?

Lucy Letby, 28

Lucy Letby, a qualified children's nurse, graduated from the University of Chester seven years ago

is charged with murdering infants. how is a doctor or nurse killing an newborn infant differ from a fetus?

all Lucy had to do is work at an abortion clinic and she could enjoy watching all the fetuses getting sucked out of pregnant women. but she chose this instead.

and now she's in trouble with the law.

clearly this nurse gets her kick out of killing newborn infants.

is a medical doctor, an abortion, who takes delight in seeing aborted baby parts a moral person?

this one zoe adams loves cutting into meat and has violent bloody fantasies of sacrificing boys

i suppose if youre a genuinely homicidal amoral psychopath, and the thought of seeing organs and tissue delights you as it does serial killers, go to medical school, become a doctor, an abortionist and you can do it legally and you'll be honored by women rights organization as an abortion provider.

what would immanuel kant say to an abortionist who like Zoe Adamns and her fantasies

enjoys ripping apart fetus from pregnant women

how would you feel if zoe adams

instead of cutting a piece of beef, was instead cutting up aborted fetuses with a huge smile ear to ear?

personally i eat meat and benefit from medical research done on animals and i feel that if a woman wants an abortion it's her uterus.

i think that some women are psychopaths, and if they give birth children, their children might be psychopaths, and so its better to let them abort than give birth to homicidal psychopaths, who may end up killing me 18 years from now

like what happened to this guy by this psychopath

who's awake at 3am in the morning?


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