JonBenet Ramsey when new DNA results are announced

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JonBenet Ramsey when new DNA results are announced

Post by redpill on Sun Jul 08, 2018 1:29 pm

Sun Jul 08, 2018

in 2008, it's already been 10 years, 10 years since Mary Lacy together with Bode announced DNA results conducted in 2006

these results have been disputed by non-experts. non-experts have claimed the DNA have other explanations therefore RDI

in 2016 Stan Garnett ordered the Colorado beaurure of Investigations to conduct a second round of DNA testing conducted in 2017

here is an article on CNN

JonBenet Ramsey case: New DNA testing planned - CNN -

Dec 14, 2016 - Authorities in Colorado are going to use new DNA testing technology in one of America's most famous unsolved murder cases.

in Dec 2016 they announced they will re-test and perform additional DNA testing on the items pertinent to the murder.

these tests use technology more advance than what was done in 2006 by Bode

in 2018 they announced they completed these tests


Boulder DA: New round of Ramsey DNA tests completed, more could ...

Boulder Daily Camera-Jun 30, 2018
A renewed wave of DNA testing in the JonBenet Ramsey case has been completed and although investigators are not talking about what was .

these results have not been made available publicly.

If IDI is correct, obviously these additional DNA tests, using more advance technology, will only confirm what Jameson and holdonyourhat and other IDI have long suspect,

an intruder killed Jonbenet Ramsey

and this conclusion is based on science, forensic science, DNA science

i doubt RDI, who have no background in forensic science, will comprehend these results.

RDI simply means, well Burke was creepy did you see how creepy he was, he did, he killed his sister. or the father was molesting Jonbenet and killed her to silence her. Or Patsy had an episode of pscyhosis and killed her due to some religious beliefs, save by the cross

no need to study forensic scieence, no need to explain what fibers trace evidence was found,
it's an inside job.

it's conceivable these DNA tests may show other DNA profiles so RDI will claim well there can't be 6 intruders so the DNA is meaningless.

I suspect that DNA experts will conclude after reviewing these latest round of DNA test results an intruder did it

and RDI who have never studied any forensic science will find some way to dismiss it. lynch mob mentality.

as i type this on Sun Jul 08, 2018

the latest 2017 DNA tests have been completed, but not yet announced what they lead to.

i suspect that will lead to conclusion an intruder did it, and that RDI will simply ignore it.

RDI consider their own beliefs, opinions and convictions on a higher more sure path to justice, than relying on actual forensic science

where as true justice is to use actual forensic science and scientific reasoning and scientific methodology on scientific forensic evidence recovered at the crime scene

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Re: JonBenet Ramsey when new DNA results are announced

Post by MurderMysteryReader on Fri Jul 27, 2018 4:32 pm

If it doesn't match the Ramsey's they will downplay it or ignore it completely. With no rudimentary understanding of forensics it will mean nothing to them. Their belief in Ramsey's is so entrenched that it will not convince them and they will only post about it attempting to discredit DNA evidence entirely.

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