American Christian and Australian Christians discern4 and nonstampcollector

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American Christian and Australian Christians discern4 and nonstampcollector Empty American Christian and Australian Christians discern4 and nonstampcollector

Post by redpill on Sun Jul 08, 2018 7:10 pm

Sun Jul 08, 2018

i'm writing this on Sun Jul 08, 2018

time for sunday school with redpill

on youtube i came across

discern 4

and nonstampcollector

i have a youtube account and i pm them and spoke to them, their videos interesting and informative

i said they have an accent, from an american point of view at least, and they both tell me they are australian.

the voices you hear are their own voices and aussie volunteers

and yeah i've wondered how if faith of a mustard seed can move mountains, where's the mountain moving?

down under. land of kangaroos

they are Aussies. yet they speak fluent english. and they are both white male Aussies.

discern4 told me he was in a pentecostal church and nonstampcollector a fundamentalist church

they were born in Australia, grew up in Australia, white australia, and went to church in Australia.

they are now middle age, so roughly same age as i am.

so here are 2 white males born and raised in Australia, all the christians they knew are australian, and the church they went to were Australian and as teens they attended Christian

these 2 know of one anther's videos on youtube but they haven't met and don't know each other, at least at the time i asked them a couple years back.

Australia is after all a big country.

every thing they is almost identical to what i was told here in the US

including rapture, the amazing power of prayer, prophecies of the bible etc

discern4 and nonstampcollector and i come from an evangelical which is rooted in Protestantism, so catholicism is in many ways an alien religion

i'm trying to picture an aussie bloke evangelical telling nonstampcollector and discern4 about the inerrancy of scripture, and healing prayers

and it's pretty much the same thing here.

i mean despite being on 2 different continents, north american and australia, from what these 2 aussies ex-christians tell me, it's the same experience, even with christian rock

even reading similar books like lee strobel's the case for christ and jesus liar lunatic or lord from cs lewis. and even issues like abortion is important


i think if i entered into a wormhole through bermuda triangle, and was transported to an australian evangelical church, based on what discern4 and nonstampcollector tells me, i wouldn't notice any difference, except the cool aussie accent.

i'm just thinking i'm living my life and aussies live their life on the other side of the world, but they speak english,

as with the USA, some parts of australia is religious, and some parts not so much. some parts catholic.

i've always wondered what my life would be like if i was born and raised in australia. obviously michael jordan, and possibly bruce lee, would not be of much importance in my life.

but as far as church youth groups, based on my conversations with  discern4 and nonstampcollector it wouldn't be all that much different at all.

tomorrow Trump will announce his pick for supreme court.

and their evangelical church gives them the same experience here in the usa, kinda like mcdonald's.

i've watched australian survivor filled with aussies, and i understood everything they said, though they do use expressions like mate, bloody, if you're keen, they use the word keen a lot. two aussies stand out, phoebe timmins and michelle dougan

i didn't ask them about Mr. cruel, but i did ask if they've travelled to the USA and they said they have.

many aussies travel, and the usa is a major travel destination for aussies.

my theory of jonbenet is mr cruel travelled to the usa to get jonbenet

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