fading memories of nursey school and preschool

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fading memories of nursey school and preschool Empty fading memories of nursey school and preschool

Post by redpill on Thu Jul 12, 2018 2:07 pm

Thu Jul 12, 2018

i have only very hazy memories of being in nursery school and preschool

but in nursery school i remember they had us watch Bambi

in preschool before kindergarten

they had us do arts and crafts. one thing i remember clearly is they had us play with dough like playdo and clay, but it was made of flour and i tried eating it, but it tasted terrible, but it was edible.

they used this dough to play and create objects, and you can bake it, but it was not food or tasty food at least.

they had tables and folding chairs. they had us pour grass seeds on dirt and watch them grow. this was to happen again in kindergarten.

they also had us do coloring books. they gave us crayons and pictures with outlines and told us to color

my parents had in in a preschool/baby sitting where i contracted pneumonia and i had to be hospitalized.

i remember they served spaghetti

i got one bowl. i was half finished when i asked for more. so she took my fork and proceeded to cut the noodles in half. and said, there, it's more.

i remember thinking, um, you made the noodle smaller but its still the same amount of spaghetti. cutting the noodles in half doesn't increase the amount of food.

i also remember that they forced us all, all the kids to sleep, nap in the middle of the day, on cots. and i remember think i wasn't feeling sleepy.

one day after that school i told my parents i had a lot of difficulty breathing and they took me to the pediatrician who then admitted me to a hospital.

the first time i was in kindergarten i was pulled bc of my pneumonia which required hospitalization.

i remember being in a hospital. no video games at this time sadly. i remember they stuck needles in me, and they also applied mist at times.

i remember there was another kid in the same room but in the next bed, and when they stuck needles that kid was crying and howling in pain, and they closed the curtains around. i found it unsettling.

i was eventually discharged after a couple of months, and i then attended kindergarten at a catholic elementary school, so i was sort of held back, for medical reasons.

i now know that pneumonia is potentially highly lethal

lots of young delicate white flowers actually died from pneumonia, including flu

i don't know if the health department investigated or not, given this was late 70s but that child care center eventually shut down, though i don't know if its because of me or if it just didn't make money

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