triangle 2009 "fanfic" how can jess escape and what would conclusion be?

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triangle 2009 "fanfic" how can jess escape and what would conclusion be?

Post by redpill on Thu Jul 12, 2018 7:16 pm

Thu Jul 12, 2018

i've always liked outerlimits and twilight zone and paranormal stories involving ghosts and bigfoot and time slips, bermuda's triangle. not as much as lightsaber combat but still

triangle is like a super awesome episode of outerlimits, and i thought the episode with dr theresa givens was pretty awesome, time traveling to kill killers before they kill

i have lost count how many times i've seen triangle

i once asked superdave if he followed star wars EU as i did, but i don't remember his answer. iirc he wasn't watching the dave filoni toon channel clone wars as i was.

as a star wars fan i've blogged how in the two years between TFA and TLJ there was all kinds of speculation of who snoke was, what luke was doing, who's rey's parents were

sadly i'm not aware of speculation and commentary and fanfic on triangle

i tried searching for it, there are movie explanations but no fanfic speculation

if there was an expanded universe for triangle 2009 like there is for star wars, what would it be?

one speculation is that since this story is patterned after sisyphus

if jess could accept her son is dead and returned to the driver, that would end the triangle, and jess goes on to um, hell i guess for killing her autistic son tommy

on aelous victor sees 2 copies of jess, maybe then they can capture the other jess than bring the other crew greg downey sally to see both jesses and then work out what to do and explain it

maybe heather shows up in some versions

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