my first 70s action figures shogun warriors and godzilla

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my first 70s action figures shogun warriors and godzilla

Post by redpill on Fri Jul 13, 2018 10:26 am

Fri Jul 13, 2018

the recent news of a new godzilla movie got me thinking of my child hood

Here's the first look at Millie Bobby Brown in the new Godzilla movie hours ago
While Godzilla hasn't been seen since the events in the 2014 movie, Dougherty says “there's paranoia and endless speculation about whether ...

'Godzilla' Returns as 'King of the Monsters' in Stunning First Look!
Bloody Disgusting-15 hours ago

First 'Godzilla: King of the Monsters' Images Are on Fire hours ag

on  Fri Jul 13, 2018 i learned of the newest godzilla movie, godzilla king of monsters

as a young boy in the late 70s my first "action figure" that my parents bought was

shogun warriors and godzilla

specifically this one

24" Jumbo Gaiking

and godzilla

these toys had a shooting spring loaded first

you take godzilla's vist and load it and you can shoot it. i did that a lot when i was a kid

Gaiking had stickers that fell out when i played with them in the bathtub

i played with the 24-inch version

they had spring loaded weapons, including tiny pieces of plastic missiles that represent a choking hazard and for a 3 year old they hit hard

when i moved my parents threw them away. but i have plenty of photos of me as a toddler with these toys

i of course used my imagination and imagined them as real talking living sentient beings, engaging in war and fighting

i had Godzilla fight shogun warrior

flash forward 30 + years later and i saw

a trailer and sneak peek of godzilla king of monsters

so in the 70s i saw and played with

and in july 2018 i see an announcement for a new Godzilla movie

amazing how we got from 70s to where we are today

while there' s no shogun warrior movie,

the closet is pacific rim

its kinda neat to see a toy i played with, plastic 24 inch robot with actual spring loaded plastic missiles and fists that are spring loaded and for godzilla  a lever in the back of neck that can spit out the tongue

to seeing them in action in a movie special effects extravaganza

what a journey it has been from 70s era toy to july 2018 special effects
complete with actors and dialogue

seeing godzilla smash buildings and cities is quite an entertaining treat, much as watching dinosaurs chase and eat people in Jurassic world

i also played with dinosaurs

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