The last Blockbuster & Hollywood video and Family Video thoughts of a time long lost

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 The last Blockbuster & Hollywood video and Family Video thoughts of a time long lost Empty The last Blockbuster & Hollywood video and Family Video thoughts of a time long lost

Post by redpill on Wed Jul 18, 2018 4:17 pm

Wed Jul 18, 2018

in the news it was reported that 2 Blockbusters rentals in Alaska closed.

therefore  The last Blockbuster in Bend, Oregon

kinda like the last Jedi.

from the 80s i and my family visited rental stores, including Block Buster. another popular one was Hollywood video and Family Video. there were also lots of small video rental stores run by immigrants from china and india, family owned.

in the 80s the only format you could rent was VHS for the VCR.

i watched a fair number of movies this way, from the Fugitive with Harrison Ford to Disney movies like Beauty and the Beast and Lion King, on VHS. Poison Ivy

my VCR eventually got to the point that when you ejected VHS, the tape would get stuck and when i removed it, the tape would be damaged.

and sometimes when i rented VHS the tape was already damaged.

then DVD arrived. and later in addition to renting out DVD movies you could also rent out games, i once owned a Sony PS3 and i rented out games this way.

there was a family video in an area of business that also had ice cream shops and food

so on Friday and Saturday night when i visited block buster, hollywood video, there would be me looking for movies, but there would also be lots of teen kids, kids i never met, also looking for movies, often they come in groups. and some would also hang out by the ice cream store.

some of these video stores also had a special room, for adults only with XX videos, i think Hollywood video and Family video did, but not block buster, i don't remember block buster carrying XX, though of course they had rated R movies.

there wasn't just 1 block buster, there were several, and hollywood video and family video and immigrant owned rental stores.

they're all gone out of business. like Toys r us.

brave new world where i will never again see a video store stacked with first VHS and now DVD, with game rentals.

there are redboxes rental in several of the large grocery stores

i do see teens in front of those red boxes renting out dvd like of yore. esp on Weekend

so in the days of future past, the teens of yesteryear went to a store like block buster and hollywood video

now teens go visit a redbox at a grocery store machine.

or use netflix.

my fav recent movie is the Australian movie Triangle 2009 with Melissa George and Liam Helmsworth

not sure if that would be a movie blockbuster or even redbox would carry as it did not do well in the box office

here's a wiki bit

Hollywood Entertainment Corp. (Nasdaq: HLYW),[1] known as Hollywood Video, was a home video and video game rental shop company started in 1988. The chain was the largest direct competitor to Blockbuster Video until it was purchased by Movie Gallery in 2005.[2]

Hollywood Video ceased operations in May 2010, when Movie Gallery, its parent company, declared Chapter 7 bankruptcy.[3] Its last US store closed its doors on July 31, 2010, whereas the last official one in Canada closed on August 8 of that year.


has it really been 8 years? my memories of being in block buster and hollywood video is like yesterday

i know hollywood video is gone but has it really been 8-10 years since i was last inside one, looking for a friday and saturday night movie rental, picking up some chocolate bars or chip munchies

i don't care for butter popcorn, not here not in theaters. but caramel corn is good.

i even remember buying candy there.

i have clear just like yesterday memories of entering a block buster and hollywood video, sometimes i ordered a pizza to pick up, sometimes i'm with my friends, we look at titles, discuss what type of movie to watch. generally i don't care for gory movies like nightmare on elmstreet or friday the 13th, but i do like action thrillers like the Rock and Terminator.

i remember renting out the Rock DVD don't remember it if was hollywood video or block buster or family video.

and really 10 years at least since i was in one? i don't recall the length of time that has elapsed, only being inside one.

then i think it was 2009 when i first met superdave on jonbenet on websleuth so.

wow, renting out videos such as walt disney beauty and the beast, lion king aladin, at a brick and motar video store was such an important part of my life growing up

and now they are all extinct. future generation of kids will never know of what its like to walk into a store dedicated to video and game rentals.

Bend Oregon, the last blockbuster

iirc both block buster and hollywood video had a system similar to Game Stop that allowed you to trade in used video games for credit to buy new video games.

i now watch vids off the interent, i learned of triangle only after watching tom cruise edge of tomorrow list, if you liked this movie try these movies. and i only knew of edge of tomorrow bc i was looking for paranormal time movies.

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 The last Blockbuster & Hollywood video and Family Video thoughts of a time long lost Empty Re: The last Blockbuster & Hollywood video and Family Video thoughts of a time long lost

Post by MurderMysteryReader on Wed Jul 18, 2018 11:57 pm

Growing up me and my family didn't rent very many movies and watched them when they aired on tv and that was after my parents subscribed to cable. When we got a VCR we recorded movies off of tv. They never did subscribe to Netflix. DVDs and CDs are going to go the way of VHS, VCRs, and CD and DVD players. Blue Ray will stick around longer but eventually will suffer the same fate. Streaming services is how we will be viewing movies and series. Music will also be delivered via streaming services. Technology is always changing.

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