Sky's Peanuts Movie Charlie Brown and the first time i flew a kite and today's Charlie Brown

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Sky's Peanuts Movie Charlie Brown and the first time i flew a kite and today's Charlie Brown

Post by redpill on Thu Jul 19, 2018 1:41 pm

Thu Jul 19, 2018

i enjoyed watching Sky's Peanuts Movie

as a kid I saw Charlie Brown classics like Christmas and Thanksgiving

watching Charlie Brown in the Peanuts movie reminds me of a kid

the whole cartoon is seemingly set in the 70s and 80s, when i was a kid, as there's no iphones and facebook
back in those days most people including me didn't own a computer we had hardline and literally dial a rotating dial to call out

my phone growing up looked like this, with NO caller ID

i actually remember being like age 3 and watching Mr Roger's neighborhood with Mr Rogers talking about the phone

he said the government owned them. i remember him saying something like that though my memory is hazy, but i remember the episode he was teaching us kids what a phone is

also here snoopy uses a typewriter

what i have to say is unimaginable to today's kid but

when i was a young kid, there were no personal computers of any kind, and no game consoles. not even the atari 2600, originally

my family had a typewriter and i learned basic typing and how to use the type writer, complete with ribbon and white out fluid was my best friend. then and now i make a lot of typos

in the peanuts movie we see charlie brown flying a kite

the combination of using a rotary phone, type writer, no computers or internet reminds me of my own early childhood in the 1970s

since back then when i was a kid we had used all of that.

that and books. you know, on paper.

i remember the first time i flew a kite

it was a nice beautiful cool windy spring day, i was at the catholic elementary school playground, with my father.  there weren't tall trees or structures to interfere. my father handed me a kite and told me to fly it by running so i did. the wind blew and picked it up  and sure enough the kite was flying. i was holding a kite. i looked up and it was flying high in the air, with the birds the clouds and the sun. i thought it was magical

i wanted to fly to.

watching charlie brown peanuts brings me many childhood moments, one of which was flying a kite, with my father, for the first time in first grade, on a cool spring sunny and windy day in a catholic elementary school some 40 years ago in the late 70s. it was after school.

the time of the dinosaurs, when there were typewriters and rotary phones, no computers or consoles of any kind.

today's kids of course can fly drones. not the same i think.

there were Polaroid cameras but we didn't own one.

there were no iphones and no social media.

i only have my vivid memories of that past, no photos, just memories. i don't remember if the kite was my dad bought or if the school had it and gave it to him to give it to me. but i remember holding it it was white and white string, and used wood for the cross bars.

in the 70s that school was adjacent to a farm, now it has been all developed. so today's kids at that school wouldn't know it as a wide open expanse as i did.

i had more success than charlie brown

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