i rode boat in wisconsin dells

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i rode boat in wisconsin dells

Post by redpill on Sat Jul 21, 2018 10:09 am

Sat Jul 21, 2018

i light of the news of the recent disaster duckboat,

when i was a kid my family took me to wisconsin dells for summer holiday,

part of the trip was that we were on a boat

what i remember that was distinct about wisconsin dells is the nature part

i don't remember if it was a regular boat or a duck boat, because i remember being on a vehicle on land before boarding the boat.

but yes i remember being on that boat and seeing sites such as giant limestone cliffs. at one point we were walking through ravines

i remember seeing the ferns and moss growing on those ravines. i thought in terms of dungeons and dragons and thought of how in the D&D world fairies and pixies might live in an environment like this

i remember at one point being on a bridge overlooking a river, with other tourists

we all saw a big fish, possibly a cat fish, with a furry creature in its mouth, like a muskrat, and we all oohed and ahh

obviously that critter was dead.

later i played video games darius which featured big fish

so my memories of wisconsin dells i mostly recall this

sometime in the 80s, and while it was summer, it wasn't too hot and shaded.

there were water parks there to but they weren't different from those that were in my local area

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