i debated dinosaurs as a kid and debates in JonBenet Ramsey

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i debated dinosaurs as a kid and debates in JonBenet Ramsey Empty i debated dinosaurs as a kid and debates in JonBenet Ramsey

Post by redpill on Mon Jul 23, 2018 5:58 pm

Mon Jul 23, 2018

i click on listverse and i see

Top 10 Dinosaurs That Aren’t What They Were

10 Stegosaurus

i debated dinosaurs as a kid and debates in JonBenet Ramsey Stegos11
i debated dinosaurs as a kid and debates in JonBenet Ramsey Stegos10

2 Tyrannosaurus rex

i debated dinosaurs as a kid and debates in JonBenet Ramsey Knight12
i debated dinosaurs as a kid and debates in JonBenet Ramsey Field_10

when i was a young boy i and other boys i knew were into dinosaurs and could identify the most common dinosaurs by name. certainly the cartoon the flintstones reinforced dinosaurs as pets. in some ways this fascination with dinosaurs is a lto like the current fascination with pokemon, which i admit i don't know much about.

in my early in childhood we went to a field trip to a field museum which had dinosaurs. one of the questions i asked is how do dinosaur scientists know what color dinosaurs were.

the dinosaur expert said very clearly that the color of dinosaurs are not known. so i asked them about the pictures and he said those were fanciful recreations.

in second grade this issue was brought up and an arrogant kid named ray who also claimed to be a dinosaur expert said we know dinosaur colors. he said t-rex was green and triceratops was brown and he had photos of dinosaurs to prove it.

i told him he was wrong we don't know what color dinosaurs were. those colors were guesses, not facts.

he called me a retard and denying plain facts. he got the other boys to call me a retard because everyone knows t-rex is green and triceratops was brown and brontosaurs is grey.


anyhow looking it up

That means paleontologists don't know for certain what color any of the dinosaurs were. They do have several theories, though. For example, many believe that dinosaur skin was probably drab shades of gray or green, allowing them to blend into their surrounding environments.
What Color Were the Dinosaurs? | Scholastic


ray and the bully boys who arrogantly called me a retard ares wrong.

its not possible to reconstruct dinosaur color from fossilized remains, the pictures you see are educated guesses based on real world reptiles, which even snakes vary tremendously in color

i was right and the reason i was right is i got my information was from an actual dinosaur expert who worked at the museaum

ray and teh boys who called me retarded. they got their info, wrong info, from books and did not realize that the colors of the dinosaurs were educated guesses

i have at times wondered what life is like for a girl as i don't remember any girls, not a single one of my classmates, showing any interest in dinosaurs whatsoever.

i know that girls do like to do jump rope that was popular and i guess maybe barbie dolls

flash forward to today

you'll hear RDI on various forums, tricia griffith for one, claiming that handwriting experts prove that Patsy wrote the ransom note. it's patsy's handwriting, patsy's linguistics on the ransom note. patsy used the word hence and the ransom note has the word and hence.

patsy's handwriting, patsy's lingusticis.

one forumsforjustice poster is koldkase, who is also on websleuth and topix

this is her claim
koldkase wrote:
"Me, I can use my own eyes and I don't need no special training to see that Patsy wrote the note.
koldkase wrote:
"Patsy Ramsey wrote the note. Period. No question. No reasonable argument. All anyone who is objective has to do is compare her exemplars with the ransom note, not to mention the repeated, innumerable writings, statements, and interviews with the Ramseys which repeat excessively the language in the ransom note." -

koldkase is a house wife with zero scientific or forensic qualifications

similarly, on topix,
Capricorn wrote:
Patsy wrote that note; there's no denying it. Not only would anyone with a working pair of eyes see it, but the lying about the scale and the rest just prove the point. Yes, Patsy was the one and now inadvertently, AK drove the point home for me
Capricorn wrote:
Again, the naked eye is never obsolete or outdated.

All anyone has to do is look at the comparisons and graphology, shmaphology, the writing is the same, both in handwriting and linguistically. You don't even need an expert to state it; it's blatantly a match

For every expert who is wishy washy or "excludes" Patsy, you'll find another who will state it IS Patsy.

these claims that it's been proven Patsy wrote the ransom note

reminds me of the debate between myself and ray in second grade over what colors were famous dinosaurs like t-rex

keep in mind koldkase is a member of forumsforjustice and that its owner tricia griffith also proclaims it as a fact that it's patsy's handwriting by citing cina wong.

they are as stupid and wrong as ray was with me about dinosaur skin color.

if i ever get around it i plan to post it.

i actually had posts on crimeshots why cina wong is wrong but first superdave banned me before i had a chance to transfer those posts here and two, crimeshots itself closed down. and i've not got around to re-posting it.

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i debated dinosaurs as a kid and debates in JonBenet Ramsey Empty Re: i debated dinosaurs as a kid and debates in JonBenet Ramsey

Post by MurderMysteryReader on Tue Jul 24, 2018 2:59 pm

I was sort of into Dinosaurs and have seen Jurassic Park (first trilogy) and Jurassic World. I know some of their names, but not all of them. I have not been to a dinosaur museum and have always wanted to. As we don't have an image of the dinosaurs on record since there was no cameras at that time we don't know what color they were; if they were any color. It has to be left up to your imagination. Nobody knows if they made any sounds either loud or soft. I do not look to any film depicting dinosaurs as accurate(they are just movies, after all) in how they looked or whether the T-Rex could not see you if you were not moving. I also have debated the JonBenet case only once IRL with RDI and only once. I doubt I changed their minds.


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