DarkMatter2525 The Future of Morality awesome vid

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DarkMatter2525 The Future of Morality awesome vid

Post by redpill on Thu Jul 26, 2018 9:08 pm

Thu Jul 26, 2018

i've previously mentioned

discern 4

and nonstampcollector

i just finished watching

DarkMatter2525 The Future of Morality

one of the video's i've seen on the topic.
he has the christian pastor talk about moral absolutism that comes from god, not relativism from the bible. in my teen evangelical youth group we talked about relativism and the absolute morality of god as described by c s lewis in mere christianity.

here, the atheist darkmatter switches it so his wife and daughter are among the midianites just as moses orders god's chosen people the jews to massacre the midinaites as outlined in numbers 31, which is in the torah and christian old testament.

awesome idea and awesome implementation of that idea.

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