My father bought me Mr. Clumsy by Roger Hargreaves so I could practice reading

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My father bought me Mr. Clumsy by Roger Hargreaves so I could practice reading

Post by redpill on Fri Jul 27, 2018 3:05 pm

Fri Jul 27, 2018

my father wanted me to learn to read and practice reading. this was late 70s.

so he bought quite a few number of books by Roger Hargreaves

i still have several, though i lost most of them,

Mr. Clumsy

i see it was published in 1978 which dovetails with my early childhood

i liked the pictures and illustration and the simply easy to read stories

some of the other ones i remember reading were Mr. Messy Mr. Greedy Mr Nosy Mr. Lazy

my father would return from work and give them to me and i was happy.

there was no ipads iphones in those days so, and tv was kinda crappy hit or miss affair with coat hanger antennas
so there were no alternatives to compete with these books.

iirc the little miss was introduced after i was nearly in junior high and by then i moved on to comic books, which i still read to this very day

i have moved and so i had to get rid of them since moving is a lot of work but i still have Mr clumsy i managed to keep that.

mr clumsy

the story is simple written in simple easy to read language and concepts

perfect for RDI theorists since actual forensic science is clearly beyond their reading comprehension.

they introduce mr clumsy then describe him go about his life but he's clumsy. so he gets into accidents, every page is illustrated.

holding my own copy of Mr. Clumsy i am transported to my early childhood when i was learning the alphabet and how to read, in kindergarten and first grade

since it was text and drawings i used my imagination and imagine him as a living cartoon like character. this guy Mr Clumsy walking about without a care in the world.

eventually i moved on to real cartoons and then now 3d cartoons from star wars clone wars and rebels and kung fu panda

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