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Triangle Movie Logic  Explanation by Redpill Empty Triangle Movie Logic Explanation by Redpill

Post by redpill on Sat Jul 28, 2018 4:17 pm

*spoiler warning*

this post contains spoilers to movie Triangle explained, which if you like twilight zone outerlimits type stories as i do, i recommend you go watch it.

i've never heard of Triangle anywhere at any time before just a couple of months ago, when i wanted to watch a time travel movie, and that movie is listed as movies involving time travel.

well after watching it i, like Peng Yang was enchanted by the "logic" of the "real world" of the movie of the Triangle

i rewatched it then i searched for reviews of it. i came across Peng Yang Triangle Movie Logic Explanation

when i first saw it i thought as other youtube comments

the one who made the video have a godlike brain...

T Mitchell
if this explanation is true i'd be staggered. why would anyone make a film so convoluted that you need a degree in quantum physics to understand it?

oh my god you're a fucking genius. I though this movie had no logic, but it does!

I feel like people are looking too much into the details of the mathematics and logic behind Jess's loop, and not enough into the supernatural "afterlife" aspect of it any the actual mythology. This is a hell that has been created for Jess's mind - not every loop is going to be the exact same, and it's not all going to fit together in the most logical way.

If you all love this movie you all will love Coherence just watch it.

after watching this video I'm starting to hate myself for being too dumb

This is the most complicated & exciting movie Ive ever seen

i am a huge star wars kung fu panda and matrix fan, i also like twilight zone outerlimits stories,

as well as real world stories that are highly unusual like this one

Triangle Movie Logic  Explanation by Redpill 8f08e410

oregon woman comes home and finds a big mountain lion SLEEPING on her coach. on top of that, she didn't panic or call police as i would have done.

she telepathically asked the cat to leave.

that's not your everyday story.

as well as bigfoot and ufo stories

but back to the subject

after watching and re-watching the movie, which actually makes me laff with its highly off-colored humor.

Jess telling Victor don't be afraid i can save you. i know how to save you.
.... i should have forced you on the boat and you'd all be alive.
victor well i'm feeling pretty alive right now. but soon you're all be dead.

hahaha. i want to save you by killing you so you can be alive, but in this paranormal mind twist of a movie, Jess is actually telling the truth.

they return when everyone's dead.

like Peng Yang i am enchanted with the logic of the movie, but i don't think he's got it right.

based on just a sample size of 1, a very limited sample size,

i think that every version of Jess goes through the same sequence of events.

all versions of Jess and the boat hear Sally's distress call, it doesn't skip.

some versions of Sally is shot and killed in the theather next to Greg and Downy, others are stabbed and then make a distress call Triangle picks up on,

but it's heavily implied that all versions of Jess and the Triangle pick up Sally's distress call.

all versions of Jess falls asleep and forgets either on Triangle or on the Taxi cab or both.

all versions of Jess remember everything by the third stage, when Jess sees Tommy and drops the locket into a pile of lockets.

I don't think it skips or alternates as Peng Yang suggests in his explanation.

where we disagree with Peng Yang the most is the origin of mean Jess.

Peng Yang explanation of Mean Jess is that there is seven stages of Jess, and in stages 5-7, she boards the Triangle with her full memory. with full memory she kills by knife Downey and Sally, with blood on her forehead.

she says crypitcally, i'm sorry but I love my son.

So Peng Yang explanation is a very complicated 7 stages of Jess, where in stage 5-7 she remembers everything but boards the boat with full memory, no forgetting and then at the end of stage 7 she forgets and starts at stage 1.

my explanation is much simpler.

there are only 3 stages of Jess on the boat, beginner, learning, killer stage

by the third stage all versions of Jess remember everything, including the fact her son is dead and she is on the boat due to the taxi cab driver and her volition.

both mean Jess and nice Jess go through the same exact stages, all get Sally's message, forget when they sleep, then slowly remember via deja vu and then by stage 3 remember every thing.

as Jess said, the pattern can change.

so the difference between mean Jess and nice Jess at stage 3 is that both Jess remember everything, but the pattern changes from mean to nice Jess.

both mean and nice Jess kill all their crew mates by stage 3, and is killed by stage 1 Jess. mean Jess is more ruthless but even nice Jess on stage 3 says to stage 1 Jess they'll return, it's the only way we can save our son.

meaning that both nice Jess and mean Jess remember everything including the point of going on the triangle is return to the son.

so the difference between what i'm proposing and Peng Yang's complicated explanation, is that all versions of Jess go through the same stages and all forget when sleep, everything.

mean Jess isn't someone who boards the boat with full memory intact. both mean and nice Jess at stage 3 have their full memory restored and the goal is to return to her son Tommy

again the key is the pattern can change, and mean Jess and nice Jess are just different patterns, but all have same stages.

as for all the other questions other posters have asked like why are there 20 sallies but only 2 guns missing,

it's all paranormal and set in Jess afterlife.

the ship in the fruit being new and then spoiling and then cycling back to new and spoiling shows that the ship resets everything from time to time, so some things accumulate others are reset. the ship resets the guns so only 2 are missing, but doesn't completely reset the number of sallies and number of lockets and paper with if they board kill them all

great mind twisting movie. it turned out like nothing like i'd ever imagine and i've seen a lot of time travel movies

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