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The Bible Story illustrated children's bible Empty The Bible Story illustrated children's bible

Post by redpill on Sun Jul 29, 2018 10:43 pm

Sun Jul 29, 2018

when i was a young kid, both the local church and pediatrician office and local library had this

The Bible Story illustrated children's bible 220px-14

which i read, it took bible stories from the bible and re-wrote them for young children such as i in the 1970s to read.

the book definite is young earth creationist as they presented genesis as actual history and fact

it covered the most popular stories sanitized for children

so noah and the ark was covered but i recall cursing his son shem to be lowest of his brothers, which i later on learned that shem is the father of black people and thus sanctions black slavery

david and goliath but not the part about chopping off his head and foreskin

and so on.

it was heavily illustrated and looking at them i was told that it all happened a long time ago, much like dinosaurs

and how these ancient israelites, forerunners of the jews, lived and dressed

these books were also in the doctor's office in addition to church and even public school libraries if i recall correctly.

and in the early 80s on sunday you can see tv preachers on main channels including cbs abc nbc and there even was a tv show which showed bible stories as well, including adam and eve and cain and abel and noah and the ark.

watching it i started thinking about how what if there's another flood

shouldn't we prepare for it, by buying a boat and stocking it with supplies such as food?

the book also says

Many great men have tried to explain these things [i.e., the origins of lifeforms and the planet itself]. They have come up with all sorts of strange ideas and suggestions, but most of them are far from the truth. In only one place - the Bible - will you find the true story. If you will open this wonderful Book, you will find that the very first part is called Genesis, meaning "the book of beginnings." Here you will find the answers to your questions about where everything came from.

starting in junior high i was told about caveman and dinosaurs existed before adam and eve and the idea we came from monkeys. we're monkeys. we evolved form monkeys. our great great ancestors were monkeys.

so church was saying one thing, we came from adam and eve, and science classes in school taught evolution.

one thing i noticed from reading the bible is there's a lot of killing going on. there's quite a bit that this children's bible omits such as moses killing the midianites and all the -ites joshua kills in the conquest of canaan.

there was no internet in those days, at least not for ordinary people, so a lot of people talked about religion but in science i was learning something quite different, evolution

pastors and priests said one thing, scientists said something very different.

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The Bible Story illustrated children's bible Empty Re: The Bible Story illustrated children's bible

Post by searchinGirl on Mon Jul 30, 2018 4:04 pm

While all of us have sprung from monkeys... some of us have sprung farther than others.


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