introduction to the Forensics (linguistics)

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introduction to the Forensics (linguistics) Empty introduction to the Forensics (linguistics)

Post by redpill on Wed Aug 01, 2018 2:17 pm

Wed Aug 01, 2018

sadly forumsforjustice once had the post of a forenisc linguistic fraud named cherokee but it has since been taken down

forumsforjustice koldkase of course is a fraud

searchinGirl wrote:I don’t suppose you have a copy of McMenamin’s chapter on the Ransom Note? The link at this site has been broken.

i don't believe i have it anymore, i can try.

you can interlibrary loan that book at your local library and other books on forensic linguistics, also the chapter on the ransom note won't make sense without reading the previous chapters.

there is this link

Robert Leonard is an actual linguist and a forensic linguist and both him and Gerald McMenamin both discuss Roger Shuy in the history of forenisc linguistics

observe that unlike the fake forensic so-called linguistics that RDI claim to have, faker frauds like cherokee and koldkase over at forumsforjustice or fake frauds like Donald Foster, Andrew Hodges, or statement analysis

spelling and mispelling is very important, in the example he uses of Roger Shuy

Patsy misspells advise as advize

read it and to misquote obi wan once said

you've taken your first steps into the Forensics

i once asked my apprentice Superdave who is Roger Shuy and what is his role in the Forensics

he never answered and ran away from crimeshots.

If you only knew the POWER of the Daubert side

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