Gerald McMenamin forenisc linguistics JonBenet Ramsey and Lennon Or McCartney?

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Gerald McMenamin forenisc linguistics JonBenet Ramsey and Lennon Or McCartney? Empty Gerald McMenamin forenisc linguistics JonBenet Ramsey and Lennon Or McCartney?

Post by redpill on Sat Aug 04, 2018 10:53 am

Sat Aug 04, 2018

i once told superdave,

if so powerful you are, why leave?

i also told superdave to invite forumsforjustice cynic to come to crimeshots so we can discuss. cynic refused.

Gerald McMenamin forenisc linguistics,

Gerald McMenamin forenisc linguistics JonBenet Ramsey and Lennon Or McCartney? 51odon10

"Patsy is eliminated as the author of the  JonBenet Ramsey ransom note"

Gerald McMenamin CV

Gerald R. McMenamin, a professor emeritus from the Department of Linguistics at Fresno State,

unlike that forensic fraud forumsforjustice cherokee and koldkase, or forensic frauds donald foster andrew hodges "statement analysis" frauds

Gerald McMenamin has an actual phD in linguistics was a faculty at Frenso state and is an actual forenisc lingustic

i click on listverse and i find this

6 Lennon Or McCartney?

North American scientists from Harvard and Dalhousie Universities used stylometry to determine if John Lennon or Paul McCartney wrote some of the most successful Beatles songs in history.One of the most successful writing partnerships in music history, Lennon and McCartney established early on in their careers that they would both receive credits on the songs they worked on. After the Beatles split, however, they began giving differing accounts regarding their contributions on certain tunes. For example, McCartney said Lennon only provided “half a line” to the lyrics of “Eleanor Rigby,” while the latter claimed to have written 70 percent of the song.A mathematician and a statistician with a common passion for the Beatles teamed up to try to settle a few disputes using stylometry. This is the application of the study of linguistic style, most famously employed to identify Ted Kaczynski as the Unabomber.The scientists first decomposed all Beatles tracks between 1962 and 1966 and identified 149 constituent components ranging across five categories.[5] They also broke down the songs into “contours”—four-note melodic sequences consisting of series of “ups,” “downs,” and “stays the same.” They then established a baseline using 70 tracks where the authorship was firmly certified.Although they didn’t formulate results for all disputed songs, the mathematical duo concluded that there was only a .018 probability that Paul McCartney wrote “In My Life.” Ranked by Rolling Stone magazine as the fifth best Beatles song and 23rd greatest song of all time, “In My Life” caused controversy, as both Lennon and McCartney claimed authorship of the melody.

Gerald McMenamin forenisc linguistics stylometry also observed that Patsy correct spells possession and business but advise which is correctly spelled is misspells advise as advize

Patsy when dictated spells pickup but the ransom note spells it

Gerald McMenamin forenisc linguistics JonBenet Ramsey and Lennon Or McCartney? Ef3c6b10


she spells outsmart as one word the ransom note as 2 words, out smart

ransom note says a earlier (sic) but Patsy always spells it an earlier

all of these are uncommon in the general population, and when the odds are taken together,

they eliminate Patsy as the author.

Gerald McMenamin forenisc linguistics meets the Daubert standard,

and his results using fornenisc linguistics are in line with the conclusions of actual Daubert standard accepted handwriting experts, Patsy eliminated as author, using handwriting

these conclusions are based on science, an intruder wrote the ransom note.

the ransom note is evidence that an inturder was also present on the night of The Unsolved Murder of JonBenet Ramsey

note that neither superdave nor RDI frauds at forumsforjustice websleuth reddit

never ever not once ever make use of the power of the daubert side of the Forensics,
which is a pathway to many intruder truths the RDI would consider to be unnatural

this will be a day long remembered.

it has seen the end of superdave. it will soon see the end of RDI

If you only knew the POWER of the Daubert side

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