my thoughts on paranormal witness poltergeist episode

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my thoughts on paranormal witness poltergeist episode

Post by redpill on Tue Aug 07, 2018 8:59 pm

Tue Aug 07, 2018

i used to watch syfy  paranormal witness

and in my opinion the first season was the best season. the other seasons in my opinion sort of devolved in 1 hour long of 1 person talking about a haunting in their home over a length of time.

but in the first season they had a  paranormal witness poltergeist episode

you can watch it here at least at this time

here are some screenshots

i wish Marie and that guy offered his opinion, why was the guy skeptical?

there was once the original story that also included telephone calls.

where exactly in california is this house, did the neighbors notice anything interesting?

this woman and her daughter had video tapes audio recordings and photos of this poltergeist activity.

did they sell that home were there new buyers?

why don't they send ghost hunters and investigators to this home?

and how come it doesn't get more news and press coverage, this could be first contact to an alien like entity

personally i think that's a lot of b.s to have to deal with. i currently like my paranormal free and haunting free existence

matt susan marie jamie

this documentation they presented is far more than what has ever been done for bigfoot or ufo, if true.

how did syfy find these people. are they telling the truth?

is there a scientific explanation for all this?

but is this house empty can curious seekers visit this exact house, perhaps stay over night, allow ghost hunters there?

easier to search than an entire forest for bigfoot

did the neighbors observe anything unusual?

these events happened in california 2006 that's a long time ago. i'm writing this on Tue Aug 07, 2018

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