growing up "classical music of Mozart and Beethoven" vs rock music

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growing up "classical music of Mozart and Beethoven" vs rock music Empty growing up "classical music of Mozart and Beethoven" vs rock music

Post by redpill on Wed Aug 08, 2018 12:20 pm

Wed Aug 08, 2018

recently 60 minutes on cbs featured the story of Alma Deutscher

growing up "classical music of Mozart and Beethoven" vs rock music Alma-a10

here's a blurb

cbs wrote:
We cannot explain what you're about to hear. Science just doesn't know enough about the brain to make sense of Alma. Alma Deutscher is an accomplished British composer in the classical style. She is a virtuoso on the piano and the violin. And when we aired this story last November she was 12 years old. She's different from other prodigies we have known, because at the age of 10 she wrote an opera, which demands comprehensive mastery; not just how to play the piano, but, what is the range of the oboe? What can a cellist play? We don't know how she understands it all. It seems that Alma was born that way.

seemingly sounds impressive, the title of the documentary is prodigy whose first language is Mozart

on the paranormal side of things, since i was a young boy i have heard of child prodigies similar to Alma, and others who can do extremely advance math at a young age.

i've always thought this was evidence - if not proof - of reincarnation, past life experiences, or perhaps telepathy or other powers.

i'm not a child prodigy but when i hear of extremely young children with such advance abilities it does make me think perhaps in a past life, Alma was mozart and somehow mozart's soul wound up in a white girl body.

perhaps our souls alternate between male and female via reincarnation.

i think sometimes  a math genius dies say murder or car accident, than his soul ends up in a child, which in the next life could be a girl as in the case of Alma. they retain their previous life memories and abilities.

or other explanations such as telepathy. perhaps Alma brain is telepathically able to attune to some mystical source of music.

the other issue though is her choice of music.

classical, as in mozart and Beethoven

when i was a young kid growing up, i hear of the greatest music, the music geniuses listen to, is Mozart and Beethoven.

Albert Einstein loved Mozart so it must be good. and when as a kid i told adults i listen to Mozart they seemingly express admiration and adulation, saying i must be a child prodigy genius.

I watch Charlie Brown Schroeder

growing up "classical music of Mozart and Beethoven" vs rock music 813b3810

he loves Beethoven and he got the girl - Lucy

so Mozart and Beethoven is the music of geniuses. i also thought the super rich, the ruling elites, those who go to Ivy League and attend Harvard Yale Princeton Stanford all listen to classical music.

i also went to a public junior high and high school.

i have peers same age as me. they listen to rock music, which in my generation, was the generation of Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna, George Michael Tiffany and Debbie Gibson, among others.

The friends of Dana Point Jane Doe Holly Glynn told me that they grew up loving

Led Zeppelin and heavy metal.

Unlike Charlie Brown, my junior high had lots of blacks kids who loved to rap, and hip hop.

so i observe black kids listening to rap and hip hop.

some white kids frequently of a blue collar who loved Heavy Metal, and often they smoke, did drugs, and dropped out of school.

most kids listen to pop rock which in my time was dominated by Michael Jackson and Madonna.

i myself had ambitions to go to Harvard Yale Princeton, and I was told the music the smartest people of my generation listen to, was classical music.

Alma Deutscher has been hailed as a genuis and a music prodigy, her music is all classical of Mozart, not Michael Jackson or rap or hip hop.

so it seemed there was some tension between what my classmates, peers same age as me was saying was great music

Michael Jackson and Madonna, not Mozart

and what adults much older than me, told me Mozart is the music of genius.

and I observe many blacks who listen to hip hop and rap dropping out of school and being disrespectful of teachers, and many blue collar white kids who did drugs listening to heavy metal music of Led Zeppelin.

Some other kids loved the Beattles, and thought Michael Jackson and Madonna didn't compare to the Beattles.

So I was confused growing up. Should i listen to Michael Jackson and Madonna, Hip hop and rap, Led Zeppelin, Beattles, or Mozart?

personally i don't know if there's any objective basis to say how mozart compares with beattles or led zeppelin with dr dre

but in my generation some form of rock or pop rock dominates. not classical music of mozart. i notice some older liberal types who were involved in protests often say they like jazz or bing cosby or elvis

even if mozart represents a higher level of music ness than say led zeppelin or michael jackson, my peers listen to the latter and its fun being around that.

as for what i really like, i like watching requirem for a dream set to star wars

Alma Deutscher is a child prodigy of classical music in 2018 when this documentary was aired she was age 12.

which is nice, but are there kids in 2018 who listen to mozart as opposed to justin bieber and one direction?

if you have a choice, would you like to be  Alma Deutscher as a mozart prodigy or would you rather be justin bieber  and one direction?

i think psy gangnam style is funny. it makes me laf

i just finished reading Darth Vader 19

growing up "classical music of Mozart and Beethoven" vs rock music 0110

when i read, and i still like star wars jedi vs sith comics,  i like to listen to wordless music, as hearing words distracts me

i read comic Darth Vader 19 while listening to

not classical music of mozart, but not pop rock.

my most recent addition to this reading music list

i also listen to wordless music when i read stuff on internet, internet post, i'm listening to this right now as i type this,

If you only knew the POWER of the Daubert side

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