DUI arrest Lauren Elizabeth Cutshaw I'm a white girl

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DUI arrest Lauren Elizabeth Cutshaw I'm a white girl

Post by redpill on Wed Aug 08, 2018 4:25 pm

Wed Aug 08, 2018

i click on my news and i read

DUI suspect allegedly tells police she shouldn't be arrested because she's a 'very clean, thoroughbred, white girl'

Lauren Elizabeth Cutshaw

ap wrote:

Plenty of people have tried to finagle their way out of a speeding ticket by offering an excuse to a police officer like “please, I really have to pee” or “I left the stove on!” But it takes somebody really entitled or incredibly intoxicated (or both) to try to tell the arresting officer she shouldn’t be taken into custody because she’s a “white girl.”

Lauren Elizabeth Cutshaw of South Carolina was arrested by the Bluffton Police Department after she ran through a stop sign at 60 mph. She was charged with speeding, disregarding a stop sign, simple possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, and driving under the influence, according to the New York Post.

Cutshaw tried to persuade the officer not to arrest her because she’s a “very clean, thoroughbred, white girl,” according to a police report. Cutshaw also told the officer that she had perfect grades through school, was a member of the National Honor Society, and was both a cheerleader and a member of a sorority. She added that her partner was a police officer as well.

The 32-year-old had told police she had two glasses of wine. When officers asked how much she filled the glasses, she said, “I mean I was celebrating my birthday,” according to the report. The woman will turn 33 on Thursday.

According to the report, Cutshaw said, “I’m a white, clean girl.” When questioned what that means, she said, “You’re a cop, you should know what that means.”

The officer wrote in the report: “Making statements such as these as a means to justify not being arrested are unusual in my experience as a law enforcement officer and I believe further demonstrate the suspect’s level of intoxication.”

Cutshaw reportedly had a 0.18 percent blood alcohol level after taking a breathalyzer test. The legal limit in South Carolina is 0.08 percent.


white girl privilege

this story is already on all the news channel and even on heavy


1. Lauren Cutshaw Was First Pulled Over For Driving 60 Miles Per Hour Through a Four-Way Stop Sign

that her partner is a police officer.

there's speculation on the boards her partner is a lesbian

but here in this news article

Woman tells police she shouldn't be arrested because she's a 'clean ...
1 hour ago - Police in South Carolina say Lauren Elizabeth Cutshaw sped through a ... is a cop,'" and said she'd been trying to get to her boyfriend's house ...

i wonder how often this thought occurs to white girls.

i'm a white girl so don't arrrest me LOLOL

a lot of news articles call this entitlement.

i wonder what it is like to get arrested under DUI but then your story and photo is all over the news feeds, and all the news channels are reporting it.

like mollie tibbits but in this case it's about DUI and i'm a white girl you can't arrest me.

i recall former poster and contributer tracyb mentioning 2 sisters who got drunk and killed themselves in a single vehicle accident.

i'm thinking had they survived they might turn out like.

also in my news feed

Australia declares drought in New South Wales after just 1CM of rain in a MONTH

some parts of Australia is having a severe drought.

i've visited places that had drought, including colorado

but i've lived in a place and not personally experienced drought.

it rains often enough where i live that i actually don't water the lawn everyday

i have thought about moving to australia but i don't know anything about drought and driving on the left side is ....unnatural

If you only knew the POWER of the Daubert side

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