it was a dark and stormy night

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it was a dark and stormy night Empty it was a dark and stormy night

Post by redpill on Mon Aug 13, 2018 11:40 pm

Mon Aug 13, 2018

as i type this, where i live

it was a dark and stormy night

literally. it's dark, there's cloud, moon can't be seen, and theres rain, sometimes heavy, and lightening and thunder.

it really is a dark and stormy night

good news is my local forecast tomorrow is that much cooler, even though it's mid august, and rain and clouds. it's summer hot here for the most part, with one of the hottest mays on record. and my lawn could use the rain.

of course i know if lightening were to strike my electrical system, it could short circuit and destroy my computers Sad i actually visited office max and this actually happened to their in store demo computers and laptops. i visited office max, and i was interested in their chairs, and their computers were all broken, and the employee told me it was a lightening strike short circuiting them. given how much stuff i have on my hard drive it would be expensive and a major pain the ass.

one reason i use wireless internet rather than an ethernet cable, is precisely this threat of an electric surge damaging my computer via ethernet cable.

which brings back old memories

Starting in elementary school and then to end of high school, school forced us to study reading and writing, which in high school was labelled English, leading up to AP English literature.

English mostly alternated between reading classic literature and poetry, to learning to research and write nonfiction essays, something that seems over the heads of RDI. to grammar and spelling. the ACT has a grammar test.

in my high school all the English teachers required we do a nonfiction paper in which we hit the library, no internet in those days, and do research. can you guess the most popular term paper was on?

abortion. and pretty much every teen girl wrote a nonfiction essay on their views on abortion. and a lot of teen boys also said they support a woman's right to choose.

starting in elementary we also were asked to write stories. fictional stories,

i remember in elementary school we were assigned textbooks that outline how to write a story. teacher even told us to write a story, and she wanted us to start the story

it was a dark and stormy night

teacher told us that a lot of ghost stories and paranormal stories start this way. of course one of the lessons taught isn't necessarily the story you tell, but how well you tell it.

in those days, before widespread pc's, we handwrote our stories, in our own handwriting. on ruled paper. and for the most part our stories were limited to like 5 pages.

so in junior high school i came up with some story of how

it was a dark and stormy night.

the windows were opening and shutting. you could hear the stairs creek. you could hear steps on the floor.

you look in a mirror and you see a girl but when you look around you see nothing. you could only see her in a mirror. she explains that she is the ghost of a little girl who died when her mother poisoned her. so her soul haunts the mirrors of the home.

the end.

there's something about white girl ghosts i find especially creepy. both discovery channel a haunting and syfy paranormal witness had stories of white girl ghosts and it just creeps me. white girls who died, drowned or were murdered and their ghosts haunting the world of the living. creepy. i recall the burning death of little miss 1535 in that hartford circus fire.

rachel shoaf the redhead who murdered skylar neese had a psychotic episode, where she said she was haunted by the memories of her friend she had murdered. this actually happened and was reported in one of the many documentaries on their murder. so murdering white girls for rachel shoaf who is herself a teen white girl, haunted her in a creepy way.

I am an eyewitness to history the autobiography of redpill

yeah i'm not writing harry potter any time soon. or stephan king.

my most recent favorite movie is Triangle 2009.

watching it you think that the actors are all american and filmed in florida but it was actually filmed in queensland australia and all the actors are actually australian.

in the movie, heather seemingly drowned when the Triangle entered the storm and capsized. she does not appear with the main group and boad the Aeolus.

now Peng Yang of Triangle movie logic explained said she survived the storm which is why she doesn't show up on the Aeolus.

strictly speaking we are talking about a fiction, and the world it describes is paranormal

we don't know what became of Heather.

in my fanfiction,

it was a dark and stormy night

the crew of the Triangle enter bermuda and capsizes as seen in the Triangle

Heather becomes separated and is thought to be lost and drowned

Heather survives but becomes separated from the main group.

she is treading water and still alive, when the Aeolus arrives to pick her up.

Heather boards the Aeolus by herself, she is rescued by the Aeolus.

now since this is paranormal, the Aeolus. could certainly do this, since in the movie the Aeolus picks up the main group over and over again.

so now Heather is on the Aeolus calling out greg and sally and jess, seemingly by herself, and she finds the fruit in good condition.

she hears Sally calling out her name, heather heather!

heather runs to a mirror and she can see sally though the mirror, accompanied by downey

at this point there are an infinite number of ways the story can be continued, i don't know the best way to continue it. the most entertaining and exciting way to continue this story

heather arrives on the Aeolus

it was a dark and stormy night

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