2nd grade Heather and a fish drawing

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2nd grade Heather and a fish drawing Empty 2nd grade Heather and a fish drawing

Post by redpill on Wed Aug 15, 2018 12:52 pm

Wed Aug 15, 2018

from the end of first grade and as i was entering second grade my family moved,

and i transferred from a catholic school to a public school.

as i entered second grade i could hear the other second grader whispering i'm the new kid.

it was a daunting experience.

one girl, though, a blonde girl named Heather, seemingly took a liking to me. she spoke to me and talked to me.

i recall that her parents were getting a divorce and that her mother had some blue collar job, so she didn't grow up rich. she was normal looking blonde 2nd grader, though i do wonder now what she looks like.

one thing i remember learning in that second grade class,

is that we were given a paper in the shape of a circle, and a pencil stuck to some clay so it could stand upright, and then we would leave the classroom and all of us had a designated spot on the playground.

every hour we were asked to leave the class to our designated spot, stand our pencil, and where the shadow of the pencil land, we were told to write a number that the teacher said. we did this every hour throughout the day.

the end we were told that we made a solar clock, a sun dial, which is how people kept time a long time ago.

the next day we repeated it, but this time, the circle piece of paper had numbers, so we could keep track of time.

my classroom had windows, but unlike first grade which was adjacent to a farm, my second grade was in the near city, so when you look out you can see factories and buildings and streets. i much prefer seeing nature.

one unusual thing that happen to me we were asked to draw. i drew a fish in a sea.

the unusual thing was that i drew the fish in such a way, that a lot of the girls in my grade who saw it who thought it was the cutest fish they saw. i drew a fish that they thought was cute. they kept saying aww.

they asked me to draw this cute fish for them, and um, i coudln't do it. i couldn't draw the same cute fish again for them. i could draw a fish but it didn't look the same and didn't elicit cute response.

so its strange that a fish i drew made a lot of the girls who saw it saw ahhh what a cute fish. a fish.
and also when they asked me to draw it for them, i coudln't reproduce what i did.

the blond girl heather talked to me, not clear we shared similar interests. for one thing she wasn't into dinosaurs like i was.

in one instance heather said she had something she wanted to tell me, and it would be a secret, so i allowed it. she put her hands covering my ears to whisper something.

what she did was spit in my ear. Sad i complained to the teacher and the teacher asked heather if it was true and heather said she did. she asked heather why she did it, and she said cause it was a joke and she thought it'd be funny. she told her no more spitting in my ear.

as a second grader i had not yet entered puberty and wasn't particularly interested in girls. so. a lot of it is my interests is fundamentally different from girls. i don't know any girls who played video games and dungeons and dragons and liked dinosaurs and transformers and gi joe

in the year the teacher announced a kind of academic bowl talent show. i and 2 other kids were assigned as leaders. heather told the teacher she wanted to be on my team.

the way it worked is after school, the parents would come, there would be 3 teams, and the teacher would ask a general question and we could discuss it with our team mates and then give an answer, in front of the parents and families, and team with most correct points wins

well that night it was live. what ended up happening on my team was teacher would ask us the question, and me, instead of discussing it with the other kids, i would just answer.

questions i remember that i answered were what are the months of the year. who is president of the usa? what are the days of the week? how many hours in a day? name animals in a farm?

we, and really me since i answered the question without consulting, came in first. we won. heather on my team also won. we were ecstatic and celebrating.

kinda like the charlie brown talent show.

2nd grade Heather and a fish drawing 899_0410
2nd grade Heather and a fish drawing E2b69310

in the beginning of the school year the teacher introduced us to a newt. she asked us if we knew what a newt was then she showed us this critter in a fish bowl. we had to clean the bowl, but we actually wanted to bc we got to see a newt close up. once every week

the newt kinda didn't do anything and was fed fish food.

we used tap water with chlorine to clean the bowl and fill it with water. it had a piece of wood that floated the newt rested on. it was dark colored newt.

in hindsight that's kinda risky with e coli and salmonella, what if a kid cleaned the newt, didn't wash his or her hands, then ate lunch with salmonella? it didn't happen but it could have.

unlike my catholic elementary where i brought a brown paper bag sack lunch, this public school provided us lunch, asked us what we wanted, and gave us a baked dish in aluminum foil. i liked it that way.

at the end of the year we had a field trip to a factory then to a forest preserve

we had to pick a partner.

i was stunned that heather wanted me to be her partner since every other partner were same-sex, boys with boys girls with girls.

two other boys wanted me as their partner during this school trip and i recall i picked a boy. not sure what ended up with heather.

so if heather, who is same age as me, is still alive, of the 7.5 billion people on this planet, if she remembers me, she is the one other person who also shares these memories with me in 2nd grade.

i wonder if she turned out smoking hot, though i think she probably was average looking but slender, not fat.

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