Mollie Tibbetts possible break through involving a car wash (!)

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Mollie Tibbetts possible break through involving a car wash (!) Empty Mollie Tibbetts possible break through involving a car wash (!)

Post by redpill on Wed Aug 15, 2018 2:19 pm

Wed Aug 15, 2018 2:10 pm

i'm following the Mollie Tibbetts case closely,

Investigators Zero in on 5 Locations in Search for Missing College ... hours ago

Mollie's killer is hiding in plain sight': FBI 'believes Mollie Tibbetts is ...
Daily Mail-5 hours ago
Police believe that missing college student Mollie Tibbetts is still alive and being held hostage by her abductor - who may have attended the ...

FBI agents as reported in news

Arrest Imminent: Cops Believe They’ll Solve Mollie Tibbetts Case In Less Than 10 Days
Authorities zoning in one five key locations in missing jogger's disappearance.

Cops are closing in on the captor of missing jogger Mollie Tibbetts Opens a New Window. — and claim they are less than 10 days away from cracking the case, can exclusively report.

The FBI have drafted in agents from around the country to help find the 20-year-old college student, who vanished from Brooklyn, Iowa on July 18, Opens a New Window. and sources close to the investigation exclusively told Radar they are confident the mystery will soon be solved.

“Whoever the abductor is, top agents are closing in on them. There is reason to believe Mollie is still alive Opens a New Window. and being held captive,” the source told Radar.
The FBI has obtained surveillance footage and credit card information from various businesses located in the county and beyond, but sources said it appears feds are particularly interested in what they discovered at a car wash in Brooklyn, where she was last seen.

“There is a concrete timeline,” the source said. “There are credible witnesses who helped authorities determine she went missing during a five-hour window between 5 pm and 10 pm on July 18.”

“The FBI is taking full advantage of all resources available to them. They want this solved – they don’t want another Amanda Berry situation,” the source added, referring to the Cleveland “House of Horrors” case where monster Ariel Castro captured and tortured three women in his home for a decade Opens a New Window. .

The source said field offices are deploying drones, using state-of-the-art satellite trucks and have set up several base camps in empty barns as they prepare to close in on the perpetrator.

“There are witnesses. The FBI along with local, state and other federal agencies spoke to approximately 500 individuals that shared information,” the source claimed. “Credible leads have helped agents zero in on five key locations.”

One of those locations was the local D&M Car Wash, which police obtained surveillance footage and credit card transactions from earlier this week.

The source added that the FBI have “several credible leads” which they have placed under surveillance.

“We know how strong she is and how she never gives up in anything she does. I’m sure she’s fighting like hell to get back Opens a New Window. ,” Tibbetts’ brother Scott, 17, told Radar on August 8.

my thoughts

a car wash seriously?

during summer months i prefer to park under a tree for shade if possible, even if it means a longer walk, to keep my car cool, but it has some bird shit.

i was going to wash my car but right now it's been raining so obviously it'd get dirty again.

so somehow a car wash is involved in the mollie tibbets abduction, i didn't get a whole lot of details whether she was seen by a abductor there and captured on video surveillance or her credit card was used at a car wash after her abduction, or her car was seen at a car wash.

but wow, if i go to a car wash, though i'm a guy, maybe some guy wanting to rob me or a gay guy will see me there, like mollie

they are using drones and what not. reminds me of a long string of abductions of white flowers from eloise worledge to amy mihalavic to madeliene mccann and morgan nick, but the super high tech involved in mollie's disappearance is amazing. tech involving fit bit, web searches, cell phone tracking, snapchat, and now drones.

the reward is now over $300, 000

lots of news media have also commented on black girls and boys who went missing and got nothing like what mollie tibbets gets.

so for me it's white girl privilege. if you're a good looking white girl who goes missing, you get the mollie tibbets madeliene mccan

if i go missing, who cares?

If you only knew the POWER of the Daubert side

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