my thoughts on roman catholic priest abuse as a former catholic student

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my thoughts on roman catholic priest abuse as a former catholic student Empty my thoughts on roman catholic priest abuse as a former catholic student

Post by redpill on Fri Aug 17, 2018 10:20 am

Fri Aug 17, 2018

today i click on listverse and i find this

1 We Learned The Horrifying Extent Of Child Abuse In Pennsylvania’s Churches

Over 300 abusers. Over 1,000 victims. Those were the shocking takeaway figures from Tuesday’s official report into child abuse in Pennsylvania’s Roman Catholic churches.Across 70 years, priests repeatedly raped children with impunity, leaving shattered young lives and scarred families in their wake. Of Pennsylvania’s eight dioceses, six actively failed to keep kids safe from pedophile priests. It’s one of the worst abuse scandals the US has ever seen.The report was the culmination of an inquiry launched by Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro in 2016. That inquiry was called in the wake of news reports from 2002 onward about historic sexual abuse by local priests. Still, the scale of it all was horrifying, as were the details. One priest was found to have raped a seven-year-old girl in the hospital. Another forced a nine-year-old boy to perform oral sex on him.The worst part is that, of the 301 abusers named in the report, only two have been arrested. Many of the priests are now dead, but many more have simply escaped the statute of limitations. When many of the rapes took place, prosecutors had a scant five years to file charges (which obviously didn’t happen).[10]As a result of this, men who raped dozens of children will never have to face any form of justice. When that happens in the Third World, we demand that something be done. When it happens in the West, we apparently don’t do anything. Yet.In Pennsylvania, there is a new push to change the statute of limitations law that outrageously shielded so many priests from criminal prosecution. We “pray” that there is no next time for this type of child abuse. But if there is, any priest guilty of such heinous crimes should end up in handcuffs (as in the image above) and then prison.

i attended a roman catholic elementary school in kindergarten and first grade, and i still have class photos from 1970s.

my teachers were nuns.

i was never sexually abused by the priests, or anyone, and it's somewhat hard for me to imagine how they could do so, since there was not a whole lot of opportunity to be alone with the priest or nun.

we even had catholic confession where i was in a booth and sat next to a priest i had no idea what was going on, but there was a line of kids before and behind me.

so i have a hard time imagining that sort of thing happening in my catholic school bc there simply was no opportunity. i was almost never alone with a priest.

what did actually happen was i was physically bullied and even attacked by a classmate same age as me named jeff. he insulted me and physically attacked me, and i complained but the nun didn't do anything. so i told my parents and i transferred to a public school. jeff continued at that catholic school.

the physical bullying i received from jeff, and the catholic school didn't do anything about it, was the first time i really began to doubt the existence of god. god didn't do anything for me. god didn't change his heart.

if jeff's mom aborted jeff, i probably would have stayed at the catholic school, but she didn't. jeff's mom cared enough about catholicism to send jeff there, but apparently attacking me was ok.

i don't care for catholicism. but i was a boy and the priest never sexually molested me, but i was beaten and attacked by my classmate there. jeff. jeff is in my class photo along with sister rosemary and me and georgina. jeff has an older brother craig and older sister shelly and they are all psychopaths who attended catholic school and catholic church.

jeff and his older brother craig and older sister shelly i've learned attended catholic school and catholic high school (i think)
and catholic church but that didn't change his heart he attacked me without provocation because he hated me.

neither the nuns nor school staff nor god and jesus did anything to deter jeff from beating me as a bully and i've arrived at the conclusion god most likely does not exist, and if there is some deity that created it all, he's not going to intervene if some bully attacks you. the stories of the bible of samson and king david and goliath are pure bullshit

and god and jesus doesn't even change people's hearts and minds, not even a bully who went both to catholic school and catholic church on sundays. it obviously for jeff went through one ear and out the other ear.

i don't believe in god, but i wonder how jeff could spend all those years in catholic school and catholic church, listen to those sermons, take communion, and then think it's okay to physically attack me and insult me.

i hate him and if there is a hell i hope he burns in hell. and i support outerlimits theresa givens idea of time travel to kill the bullies before they kill.

jeff is the sole reason i left the catholic elementary school and caused me to question god's existence and question prayer. i'm an atheist now.

i don't know how to correctly spell jeff's last name but i've tried many variations to look him up.


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