I wish John Ostrander and Dark Horse comics create Triangle 2009 expanded universe

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I wish John Ostrander and Dark Horse comics create Triangle 2009 expanded universe

Post by redpill on Fri Aug 17, 2018 6:00 pm

Fri Aug 17, 2018

one question i asked my sith apprentice superdave

did he follow star wars EU? i forget his answer

i absolutely do, or in this case dave filoni canon cartoons and canon comics

back in the day i really enjoyed dark horse comics by john ostrander and jan duursema

i have mixed feelings about disney buying star wars

disney declared all this non-canon, which includes sidious surviving and the youzon vong arc

dark horse no longer makes star wars canon and i'm not sure what  john ostrander and jan duursema
are doing now

but i do like Triangle 2009

and i'd like Dark Horse and Ostrander to create an expanded universe around Triangle

it wasn't a commercial success but i think it has more stories worth telling

some ideas is that Heather survived but was picked up by the Aeolus and meets the original crew who die one by one

the loop of mean jess, and answer to who killed group 2 victor

what happened to original crew of Aeolus

whether jess ever leaves the triangle

other persons entering the triangle and boarding the Aeolus

the taxi cab driver offering rides to other victims

story arcs involving the other characters on triangle

other stories involving time loops in the Triangle or just stories involving Aeolus

what happened to the original crew of Aeolus

and what did jess do to get punished, did she kill her kid?

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