A question for Australians true crime lovers What would Mr. Cruel do with JonBenet Ramsey?

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A question for Australians true crime lovers What would Mr. Cruel do with JonBenet Ramsey?

Post by redpill on Mon Aug 20, 2018 4:53 pm

Mon Aug 20, 2018

I am watching Australian Survivor and I just watched Zach get booted by Aussies.

Watching Australian Survivor I found this

So at least some Aussies don't know what Texas is.

Quite entertaining I must say.

For Australians esp Australians from Melbourne

are you familiar with Mr. Cruel ?

you see i'm an American and I was researching into The Unsolved Murder of JonBenet Ramsey

when i stumbled across Mr. Cruel

I've learned that most Aussies in true crime have never heard of JonBenet Ramsey, though to be fair most Americans have never heard of Mr. Cruel

so my question for Australian Mr. Cruel experts

based on what is known about Mr Cruel the offender, his psychology his motives his victim profile, is MO, the tools and items he brings with him, based on his previous known crimes

if Mr. Cruel was in Boulder Colorado,

would he target Jonbenet, a child beauty pageant beauty queen, in her own home on Dec 26, 1996, 5 years after Karmein Chan

Jonbenet lived in a huge million dollar home,

what would Mr Cruel bring with him?

would he bring white nylon cord ? tape?

would he enter Jonbenet home at night on Dec 26, 1996 with family present? (hint Sharon Wills)

would he abduct Jonbenet from her bed and do so silently without waking up the other family members? (hint Sharon Wills)

how would Mr Cruel enter the Ramsey residence?

would he wear gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints?

would he sexually assault Jonbenet?

would Mr Cruel make ransom demands like was made in Jonbenet (hint Nicola Lynas Karmein Chan)

would Mr Cruel say he'll call for ransom payment but not follow through? (hint Nicola Lynas Karmein Chan)

Would he leave a handwritten message to confuse investigators (hint payback asian drug dealer more and more to come)

given how many Australians have traveled to the USA

is it plausible Mr Cruel has traveled to the USA like fellow Aussies Justine Damond and Madison Jane Lyden, 23 ?

in the USA if Mr Cruel committed any home invading crime on a young underage girl, is there a better candidate of such a crime than on a child beauty pageant queen Jonbenet?

Jonbenet was Miss Colorado beauty pageant

who in the USA would know of Mr Cruel in the USA or even heard of him?

food for thought for the Australian true crime Mr Cruel experts and sleuths

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