i saw a kid hit by her angry mother as a kid

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i saw a kid hit by her angry mother as a kid Empty i saw a kid hit by her angry mother as a kid

Post by redpill on Thu Aug 23, 2018 12:13 pm

Thu Aug 23, 2018

when i was in 2nd grade, same place as heather who spit in my ear and feather who took my unsuual looking grasshopper, next her home was a boy named francis, two toddler younger sisters identical twins a mother and a henpecked father.
i believe francis was one grade behind me in school. his house was next to feather's.

her mother around me liked to troll me by saying she thinks the girls are doing better than the boys, she liked to tell her husband what to do. she was overweight so i can't imagine why her husband sees in her.

but one incident i remember as i was watching across the street, was the mother heard a doorbell ring (i think) and she left the door. her son francis walked out the door with her.

the door shut behind both of them. the door was locked, and it wasn't the kind that opens or stays unlocked. it was it was a locked door so if you open it and closes it stays locked. if that makes sense.

so fancis a young boy was locked out by her mother, who left the front door of home due to door bell ring.

so i living in my apartment across the street and i am on my balcony as its second floor and i'm watching this.

her mother is angry and yelling francis and then starts smacking and striking him in the face and head, angry over being locked out. they stayed locked out to. no cell phone in those days. at least from the front door.

she did have 2 toddler age daughters identical twins still in the house. they did have a back yard and they went to the backyard and i didn't see what happened.

but yeah i saw this mother smack strike and beat her son francis in public, outside the home, due to both of them leaving the front door and it closed and remained locked on them.

at the time i thought getting beaten by your parents is normal. its normal for parents to get angry and beating your kid is normal.

i think it'd be crazy if feather's parents and francis parents still live i those 2 houses after 40+ years later.
i don't think feather observed this though she lived next door. i didn't see her.

so of the 7.5 billion people on this planet, if francis still remembers and is still alive, me, francis and his mother are the only people who know what happened that day when he and his mother were locked out of his home.

and of the 7.5 billion if feather is still alive, and if she remembers, she took my grasshopper from the orange day lillies Sad

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