fourth grade geometry and compass and ruler drawing and think different

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fourth grade geometry and compass and ruler drawing and think different Empty fourth grade geometry and compass and ruler drawing and think different

Post by redpill on Fri Aug 24, 2018 12:28 pm

Fri Aug 24, 2018

i remember in fourth grade learning basic geometry.

we learned all the basic shapes such as triangles circles squares rectangles

we learned unsual shapes like parallelogram and trapezoids

and 3d shapes like sphere cubes "rhomboids" boxes

we were given grid paper for triangles and asked to count how many squares inside a square and triangle and even circle

then we were given basic forumulas like triangle area is 1/2 base times height and square is base times height

they also had different colors so we had to identify green triangle from red circle

we then were taught a compass and how to measure angles of a triangle using a triangle.

by compass i mean this

fourth grade geometry and compass and ruler drawing and think different Geomet10

wikipedia has an article on this

Compass-and-straightedge construction, also known as ruler-and-compass construction or classical construction, is the construction of lengths, angles, and other geometric figures using only an idealized ruler and compass.

The idealized ruler, known as a straightedge, is assumed to be infinite in length, and has no markings on it with only one edge. The compass is assumed to "collapse" when lifted from the page, so may not be directly used to transfer distances. (This is an unimportant restriction since, using a multi-step procedure, a distance can be transferred even with collapsing compass; see compass equivalence theorem.) More formally, the only permissible constructions are those granted by Euclid's first three postulates.

It turns out to be the case that every point constructible using straightedge and compass may also be constructed using compass alone.

The ancient Greek mathematicians first conceived compass-and-straightedge constructions, and a number of ancient problems in plane geometry impose this restriction. The ancient Greeks developed many constructions, but in some cases were unable to do so. Gauss showed that some polygons are constructible but that most are not. Some of the most famous straightedge-and-compass problems were proven impossible by Pierre Wantzel in 1837, using the mathematical theory of field
what i remember most vividly

we had a contest. using only a compass and a ruler we had to draw a shape on a standard piece of paper with class time.

fourth grade geometry and compass and ruler drawing and think different 450px-10

i and my classmates were kinda impressed with the skills a couple kids had using only a compass and ruler, they came up with highly symmetric ornate type pictures, and this was fourth grade mind you.

i couldn't do what they did, and teacher just 2 of them in first and second place out of maybe 25 kids.

i came in third but not by doing what they did.

think different.

i started imitating them by drawing a highly symmetric design but then i just couldn't do it.

the top 10 entries all had highly symmetric intricate designs using just a compass, t

so i drew a very goofy funny looking turkey like creature.

i used compass to draw in eyes of this turkey, then half circles for feathers, cricle for smile

it was NOT symmetrical, the head was off center the neck was kinda messed up. the feathers were not symmetrical, off centered.

it was goofy looking.

strange thing is out of 24 or so fourth grade kids, i was the only kid who tried something other than a highly ornate complex pattern. the kids who came in lass also drew symmetrical shapes and lines.

basically the other 23 kids drew some type of geometric pattern that was symmetrical. some kids did it badly. the top 2 drew extremely well .

i was the only kid to break with the other 23 and drew a turkey looking goofy creature, so i got third place, i think it was a combination of the teacher selected top 5 and kids raised their hands to vote.

so the kids gave me third place based on raised hands.

the 3 winners including mine were posted via thumb tack to the classroom chalk board cork board.

i wish i kept it but i don't recall what happened.

if my classmates remember they were also eyewitness, one kid said my drawing made him laff.

now my goofy looking amateurish drawing in no way shape or form compare with the top 2, who seem to be really gifted at ornate drawings like they have been doing it for years using just a compass and ruler, which for us was the first time we ever used it in the classroom.

but i was the only one who, since i knew i in no way could do what the other kids could do and make it look good, tried something completely different, a turkey looking goofy cartoon character.

many years later when sony came with ps3 and microsoft the xbox 360, nintendo came with the wii with its unique motion controllers and won a lot of casual gamers

that moment reminded me of my turkey looking cartoon character and how i placed top 3 by NOT following the other kids.

think different

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