my first book report was on penguins in first grade

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my first book report was on penguins in first grade Empty my first book report was on penguins in first grade

Post by redpill on Sat Aug 25, 2018 12:05 pm

Sat Aug 25, 2018

in the first grade i was in a catholic elementary school my catholic teacher was a nun, and her name was sister rosemary

she assigned us a book report, we had to use a book, no internet in those days of the 70s, and talk about a bird which we pulled from a box.

i pulled a piece of paper and it had penguin on it.

so i had to do a book report on penguins. other students had other birds.
we had to answer describe their appearance, where they live, their nest and some interest facts in a 5 minute presentation

the only book i had on this topic was childcraft animals book

my first book report was on penguins in first grade 914b5410

so my report was penguins live in antartica where it is cold. it is white and black. they eat fish. they dont fly but swim. and

one question i had to answer was about the nest

the book had mention penguins but didn't say anything about the nest. my mom who didn't know anything about penguins said i should say penguin nest is ice and snow. but the book didn't say that, but didn't mention nest at all.

so i decided to say penguin had no nest.

sister rosemary said that is correct. penguins don't have nest. she said that penguins lay eggs on their feet and use their body to keep it warm.

she told me i was smart to know that. Embarassed

many years later i encountered RDI on The Unsolved Murder of JonBenet Ramsey who have never done the most basic research on the relevant forensics, but pretend to know.

one kid named todd had done his book report on pheasants. and i remember it vividly because i and a couple of other kids argued with todd about the pronounciation

i, wrongly, thought it should be said p - h he said ph is said like f as phone. not pppp hhhhh like i was

well todd was right. pheasants is said like feasants. i still remember that discussion to this very day.

on the topic of pheasants, my catholic school, which i think is still open, in the 1970s it was adjacent a fallow field.

lastly i remember sister rosemary said that after class around 4pm she looked out and saw pheasants leave the field and onto the black top which was used as a play area for us kids.

i still remember her telling us this after all these years, and this happened in first grade way back in the late 70s

at some point i'm going to revisit this when i discuss the incompetence of RDI

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