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Post by redpill on Sun Aug 26, 2018 6:37 pm

Sun Aug 26, 2018

it's sunday for me

time for sunday school with redpill

i'm browsing the internet and i found Veronica Arntz Wisdom: The Fashioner of All Things

some thoughts on  Veronica Arntz  Wisdom: The Fashioner of All Things  Veroni11

her link here

What is wisdom? It’s meaning is often elusive to us, for it is mysterious and seems beyond us.

In the last analysis, our desire for wisdom can transform the way that we live in Christ, for pursuing the noblest end in our studies is ultimately the pursuit of the Holy Trinity. Wisdom not only informs our intellect, but it also assists our will in acting prudently and choosing moral actions. Thus, our pursuit of wisdom will lead us to a deeper understanding of God, but we must also have the humility to ask for the gift of wisdom, for God is the one who bestows on us knowledge of himself. We should implore the Holy Spirit for the gift of wisdom, so that we might come to a deeper knowledge of God, ourselves, and the virtues to live a holy life in him.

her bio

Veronica Arntz graduated from Wyoming Catholic College with a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts, which included courses in humanities, philosophy, theology, and Latin, among others using the Great Books of Western thought. The title of her senior thesis was, “Communio Personarum Meets Communionis Sacramentum: The Cosmological Connection of Family and Liturgy.” She is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Theology from the Augustine Institute.

i attended a roman catholic elementary taught by real nuns and priests and even went to confession.

while i was never sexually molested by them, a fellow classmate, same age and grade as me, jeff who has an older brother craig and older sister shelly made my life hell there. he frequently punched and attacked me. outside the classroom he attacked me. he was bigger and stronger and always won every right resulting in me injured and crying.

he also went to mass and was an alter boy and held candles, went to catholic school, CCD and confession. his parents care enough to send him to a catholic school and catholic church on sunday but obviously he thinks attacking and beating me up.

i did pray to jesus to change jeff's heart so he doesn't attack me without provocation but god never answered that prayer. it was the first indication to me that perhaps god does not work, and prayer is nonsense.

i don't see the point of living in christ unless it confers real world benefits, or disregarding it has dire consequences.

in the 70s there was no talk of homosexuality. today, of course over at wikipedia i learn that ellen degeneras was born and raised a christian scientist and she obviously rejected it to become an atheist and a lesbian. lesbianism is a sin according to the bible. this is folly. this is the opposite of wisdom. yet she is married to a smoking hot lezbo named portia de rossi and immensely wealthy driving a lambo. some punishment. the bible also says the fool says in his heart there is no god, yet plenty of atheists say there's no god yet are rich.

recently mollie tibbets story played out,

here mollie tibbets talks about how she loves jesus christ and follows jesus and is a christian

yet it didn't prevent her from being abducted raped and murdered by a thug, an illegal mexican named Christian Rivera, Christian

so i went to a catholic elementary where i was bullied and physically attacked by jeff and his older siblings. i prayed and it had no effect and i went on to become an atheist

mollie tibbets said she believes in jesus faith and prayer yet she was murdered

ellen degenera rejects christianity and is a lesbian and married to portia di rossi someone a lot of guys fantasize over, and is a multimillionaire yet she's blessed, not cursed.

so on a piece of paper  Veronica Arntz essay on wisdom sounds ok, it doesn't translate into the real world

Veronica is quoting pagan philosophers Aristotle on wisdom, which i find interesting. Mormons are most famous for expanding the bible. i happen to live near a Swedenborg where in addition to the bible they also quote the writings of swedenborg. for some reason, mormonism is much bigger than swedenborgianism. i suspect a lot of that is mormons go door to door

Veronica wants to study theology. i do think that individuals with above average intelligence can geek and nerd out on any topic, most famous are physics as in albert einstein and computers as in bill gates steve jobs mark zuckerberg. historically many of the most intelligent majored in theology.

Veronica may be surprised but i attended an evangelical church, after dropping out of a catholic school and church due to bullying. the youth leaders had degrees from dallas theological seminary and moody bible institute and they said that catholicism is a false christian religion, a cult, the pope is the anti-christ, and they provide false man made teachings.
the bible is itself the source, sola scriptura, not the church. they insist the catholic bible deuetrocanonical texts corrupt god's word, the protestant NIV/RSV/KJV we used. books like tobit and maccabees and wisdom of solomon are fake books that do not belong in god's word.

i've read about cults and about religions and i've thought how nice it was back in the day. the theologian spends his or in veronica's time her studying theology. they are then supported financially by the flock. cult leaders are examples of this. orthodox judaism is also famous for this, and i happen to live in a city where there were othrodox jews who mostly kept to themselves. but you had the average jew who worked. then you had these rabbi jews who studied torah and were financially supported by the jew community. i've read the torah and old testament i think it's total b.s, but the idea of talking about god and then getting a paycheck sounds nice.

all in all i think, esp in medieval europe it's a nice lifestyle, and for cult leaders, a nice lifestyle today.

i wouldn't mind talking theology, for example, on the gospel of thomas and the neoplatonists for example, and getting a paycheck enough to pay home food and a community of admirers.

i grew up in the michael jordan era. michael jordan played basket ball. fans see him wear nike air jordan shoes and pay $400 for a pair. 25% of that goes to jordan. so jordan is financially set as a billionaire for life collecting hundreds of millions of dollars in royalties annually from his air jordan sneakers. nice for him. religion kinda works like this but no where on this scale for the priest or rabbi or inman

Veronica quotes from aristotle metaphysics, which i probably would include in my cult as canon.

back in the day i played Dungeons and dragons i learned of

some thoughts on  Veronica Arntz  Wisdom: The Fashioner of All Things  220px-D%26D_1983_Basic_Rules_cover

i loved my
some thoughts on  Veronica Arntz  Wisdom: The Fashioner of All Things  60675f57dc2a1c87c7763cd4180252fc

d&d basic introduced me to aleena the cleric

some thoughts on  Veronica Arntz  Wisdom: The Fashioner of All Things  Aleena+by+Larry+Elmore
some thoughts on  Veronica Arntz  Wisdom: The Fashioner of All Things  Aleena-pray
some thoughts on  Veronica Arntz  Wisdom: The Fashioner of All Things  Aleena
some thoughts on  Veronica Arntz  Wisdom: The Fashioner of All Things  Aleena-fight.preview
some thoughts on  Veronica Arntz  Wisdom: The Fashioner of All Things  Aleena%20dead%20resize
some thoughts on  Veronica Arntz  Wisdom: The Fashioner of All Things  <a href=some thoughts on  Veronica Arntz  Wisdom: The Fashioner of All Things  Scan0002" />

aleena was killed by a magic missle shot by bargle the evil wizard No

i remember thinking aleena was kinda hot. for a cleric.

in d&d undead monsters like vampires and ghosts and ghouls and mummies lichs really exist and only clerics can destroy them.

and only clerics can cast healing miracles cure blindness and create food and water and blessing prayers.

obviously if we lived in a dnd world where Veronica can not only talk about wisdom but actually engage in healing prayers that actually work to the point that doctors are not necessary, as well as haunted homes by evil ghosts and spirits, business would be very good for the cleric.

sadly we don't live in such a world.

these statements

Because he is God, he was there from the beginning, ordering the creation of the world. It is for this reason that one of Mary’s titles is “Seat of Wisdom,” for Christ, who is Wisdom itself, sits on her lap. In pursuing Christ, therefore, we are also pursuing wisdom and ordering our lives to eternal life with him.

Is this pursuit of wisdom we have been discussing the same gift from the Holy Spirit? Prudence is often called practical wisdom, for although it does not pursue the highest causes, since it deals with practical matters, it does bring order to an individual’s life. Part of prudence is receiving right counsel; a person must receive good instruction about what to do in life, and this instruction comes from the wise (often the elderly). But man also receives counsel from God, and this is the Holy Spirit’s gift of wisdom. As Aquinas writes:

Hence in the research of counsel, man requires to be directed by God who comprehends all things: and this is done through the gift of counsel, whereby man is directed by God, just as, in human affairs, those who are unable to take counsel for themselves, seek counsel from those who are wiser (ST II-II, Q. 52, art. 1, ad. 1).

Therefore, the gift of wisdom from the Holy Spirit assists the wisdom acquired through reason. In receiving the supernatural gift of wisdom, given from God who is Truth, man is spiritually enlightened in his pursuit of wisdom. As such, the gift of wisdom causes man to desire more deeply the knowledge of God and to pursue him more closely as the ultimate end of the universe

so what Veronica says in her essay sounds okay but it doesn't seemingly apply to the real world. women are turning lesbians and having abortions, ireland just voted to reject catholicism on prolife issues and become prochoice and nothing bad every happens. no asteroids or meteorites on ireland for example.

in first grade i met jeff in a catholic school who attacked me without provocation. he insulted me and ridiculed me at every turn while being outwardly a catholic. that led me to conclude god does not exist and all this talk about god's wisdom sounds good but doesn't work.

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