when i was in third grade 2 teen girls approached me in a mall

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when i was in third grade 2 teen girls approached me in a mall Empty when i was in third grade 2 teen girls approached me in a mall

Post by redpill on Tue Aug 28, 2018 7:10 pm

Tue Aug 28, 2018

in light of the OCCK listverse article i'd like to share a true experience

murder victim Adam Walsh is famous for leaving mall during a fight over a video game console, and somehow he ended up abducted and murdered.

when i was in third grade so i was i think age 9 or so, my parents took me to a local mall. they entered an Osco Drug pharmacy while i waited outside, but still in the mall, surrounded by other stores.

2 teen blonde girls walked towards me. they were normal looking but to me at the time seemingly tall girls with seemingly bubbly personalities.

one girl came up to me, pointed to the other girl, and said she likes you, saying that to me, she'd like to date you.

again i didn't know what to say or how to respond, or what they wanted or why they were talking to me.

now in school i learned not to talk to strangers.

i had not yet entered puberty so i wasn't interested in girls, i was more interested in gi joe and transformers and arcade games.

so i didn't understand what being their date and boyfriend entails. also do to my young age, i didn't have a job, didn't drive a car and in those days there was 1 family dial phone everyone used per household.

so the teenage blonde girl pointed to the other blonde teenage girl and said she really likes you, she wants to go on a date with you.

i didn't say or do anything. i just froze.

they were sort of laughing.

my parents called for me i ran to them and that was that. i never saw them ever again, even though i visited that mall again.

to this day i wondered what this was all about.

my first guess was this was some kind of joke and they thought it was funny. perhaps it was a dare.

fundamentally it's a teenage girl, possibly 17 or 18 of normal height maybe 5'8" asking a 8 year old 4 foot tall boy to be her boyfriend, she wanted me to go with them, and wanted to take me on a date.

i didn't know at that time what a date was, except it's something on a calendar. i didn't know what a period was, for example, except something you put at the end of a sentence, at that age.

this is pedophilia of sorts, if their offer was serious. and how exactly does an 18 year old teen girl go on a date with a third grader? she would have to pay for everything and take me everywhere. she'd be called a pedophile no doubt.

it of course is highly dangerous for me, since she could easily overpower me. maybe she wanted to abduct me for ransom money or murder me, or give me over to a male pedophile.

there was no news report i recall of a young boy or girl being abducted and murdered in my city i grew up in at that time period, though. no stories of Amy Mihalivc or Adam Walsh, that i am aware

i suspect that those 2 teenagers did it as a kind of joke, or dare, but i wonder what would happen if 2 teenage girls today asked a third grade boy for a "date".


time travel is impossible, but what if i said sure. would i have been missing? and murdered and dead since the early 80s?

did they actually want to have sex with a third grade 8 year old boy? so those 2 teen girls i remember being normal looking tall and slender and a bit enthusiastic so i'm sure they would have no difficulty meeting a teenage boy same age as them or older.

but if i said yes i think my life would have been radically different, i could have been abducted and murdered like adam walsh from a mall, if those 2 are evil. or i could have had kissed a teenage girl as a third grader.

nothing happened, as i just ran to my parents confused. but what if i told the other third graders i have this girlfriend who has a car and drives me around and she's 18. or she abducts and murders me.

is this even legal? i didn't tell my parents, and mostly i've kept the story to myself.

morgan nick was catching fireflies. eyewitness said she was talking to an unknown male. then she disappeared never to been heard from again.

if i had gone with those 2 teen girls on the premise that one of them wanted to take me on a date, would i wind up like morgan nick or adam walsh? did these teen blonde girls actually want pedophile sex with a young boy? is this how the OCCK abducted 2 boys?

again i suspect it was a joke and a dare, like one teen girl daring the other just to see what happens. if there were news reports of young boys abducted gone missing or murdered in my city and time, i would feel like i dodged a bullet.

so there are 7.5 billion people on this planet. those 2 teen girls of the 1980s still alive they'd be in their fifties now. if they remember then there are only 3 people on the planet who witnessed this and remember, me and those 2.

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