kindergarten and first grade annoying girl

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 kindergarten and first grade annoying girl  Empty kindergarten and first grade annoying girl

Post by redpill on Wed Aug 29, 2018 6:25 pm

Wed Aug 29, 2018

for kindergarten and first grade i attended a roman catholic elementary school.

the roman catholic elementary school was a private school and you had to pay tuition to remain there. i remember many times my parents gave me a letter, and inside that letter was a check for tuition payment, or they went to the school directly to pay.

in kindergarten, of this roman catholic elementary school we prayed. i remember one time when they were an annoucment from "Father" and i thought for a moment that Father was the actual voice of god. we referred to god as Father. this person on the annoucment was addressed as Father. so i thought it was god.

we got religious lessons in this kindergarten

one lesson was we were told about the Devil.

now, one annoying white girl age 5 with brown eyes and brown hair and glasses told the kindergarten teacher in class in front of the other kids, my mother told me there's no such thing as the Devil.

the kindergarten teacher said yes there is a devil.

my mom said no there's not.

the kindergarten teacher said yes there is a devil.

she replied no there's not.

the kindergarten teacher said you tell your mother that yes, there's a devil.

so of the 7.5 billion people on this planet, if this girl and my classmates are still alive, and if they remember, it's a memory i have.

looking back, why would a mother who doesn't believe in the devil and tells her daughter so, send her to a catholic school AND pay a tuition? i guess maybe the father insists?

but even at age 5, she insisted bc her mom told her so, there's no devil and she maintained she was right even when the teacher told her she's wrong, there's a devil

that girl was annoying. she told me to my face that during class and in class assignments i daydream.

i said what's that.

daydreaming she said is when your mind is somewhere else, dreaming while awake

so i said no i dont

she said yes you do.

so i said no i dont

she said yes you do. yes you do. yes you do.

she's annoying, but actually she's right. i was daydreaming and my mind was somewhere else.

so she observed me daydreaming and called me out on it. good for her.

i met one person from same catholic school and i asked him about this. we don't know if we're talking about the same person, the same girl, but he said there was a girl who was the most annoying girl and he absolutely wanted to kick her fucking ass, which as a white male football player in high school beating up a white girl probably isn't the smartest thing you can do legally. this guy continued to attend that catholic school to high school graduation. i switched to a public school due to bullying.

if it is the same girl she was an annoying girl as a 5 year old and apparently an annoying teenager.

she makes observations of other students, then tells them, or tells me, in my face, what she observed and if they deny it, she insists she's right. annoying.

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