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toads dirt hills rest areas Empty toads dirt hills rest areas

Post by redpill on Fri Aug 31, 2018 12:37 pm

Fri Aug 31, 2018

last night i took up the garbage i saw a toad on my lawn

toads dirt hills rest areas Cbddad10

i've seen toads before. i wonder where they go at night, they disappear during day. what do toads do over the winter? what about during the hot and dry summer months?

i also wonder about weed killers and fertilizers harming them. my neighbors use chem lawn and they spray weed killers and other chemicals. probably not good for the toads and other animals. my area has quite a few coming out at night, as i walk, though i now know i'm risking a mollie tibbets style death.

i think i was 5 when i first saw a toad

there was a dirt hill with lots of weeds as my area of homes were new constructions

toads dirt hills rest areas Rsz_we10

one kid caught one and showed it to me.

i found and caught my own toads and kept them in pickle glass jars. i kept them alive for some time feeding them crickets

but eventually they die, and the whole thing the dead toad and jar smells terrible.

my family would drive to visit relatives in another state

we would stop at rest areas and in one rest area, there was a forest. all you had to do is do a little walking then a toad would hop out of the leaves that covered the ground.

i was always able to catch toads at that rest area. i showed it my cousin the toad i caught who was older. the funny thing is he took the toad and locked himself in the bedroom. i tried to open the door but couldn't.

he then swung the door open shouting. the toad peed on him. toads urinate when u hold them. i'm getting chuckles as i type this.

i have other relatives in colorado. the girls across the street, including a good looking blonde girl, caught a toad and put it in a plastic small animals container. i think it was the first time i saw a girl showing interest in some of the things i found interesting, which was catching toads and butterflies. the girl and a couple of other girls were oohing over the toad they caught, this is in colorado.

one kid caught a toad and fed it meal worms. he liked his toad.

i learned from reading books that mushrooms are also called toad stools and the book said it was thought toads rested on mushrooms hence toad stools.

i liked fantasy i did daydream in class like the girl said and i saw fantasy drawings like this

toads dirt hills rest areas B9099710

of course in fantasy toads talk and speak perfect english.

as a kid i found a couple of toads i ended up keeping by looking under rocks and tree stumps in undeveloped areas, which are now residential homes and roads. along with ants and rolly polly's and centipedes.

i've lost interest in toads and i didn't capture or even touch the toad i saw last night, i outgrew toads.

but yesterday for a few minutes my path crossed toads on my lawn. and i remembered my history with toads going back to childhood.

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