as a preteen and teenager i attended Evangelical bible summer camps

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as a preteen and teenager i attended Evangelical bible summer camps

Post by redpill on Sun Sep 02, 2018 11:49 am

Sun Sep 02, 2018

it's sunday time for sunday school with redpill

as a preteen and teen kid i attended an evangelical church sponsored  Evangelical bible summer camps for kids my age.

it wasn't just my church alone but many other churches as well pooled resources together.

we ended up driving to a college campus, i don't remember which in one summer. in other summers we had camp grounds.

one thing i remember clearly is that there was dorm like rooms with nice warm showers in buildings
and tents and cold showers.

the way it was decided who got to go where was gender. girls like the nice accommodations, we boys had to sleep in tents and deal with cold showers, at least in one summer.

these camps often cover July 4, so we also saw fireworks.

we had experiences similar to this bible summer camp

during the day we ate cafeteria style food, and had fun events including potato sack races or we did skits
interspersed was bible lessons in small groups. we also had, frequently teen girls or young women leading the group by singing and hand motions

then sing songs to jesus. at night we had church worship or a bonfire and had sermons on the sacrifice of jesus or life as a christian, or growing up to be a mature christian.

one ceremony i remember is there was a pile of sticks and a bonfire. we had to pick up sticks break them, symbolizing our break with our past sinful life and toss it into the fire representing rebirth in christ

my bible camps were of the 80s when i was a kid growing up i've seen more modern summer bible camps. some of the more recent ones have canoing, boating, and zip line and even bungie jumping. watching this, i'm jealous, just as i'm jealous of ps4 and xbox over atari 2600 and tandy 1000. going on a zip line or bungie jumping seems a lot more fun than potato sack race. then again, one girl Lauren Seitz went on a bible camp, canoing, she fell into the water and died of the brain-eating amoeba

Lauren Seitz 18

she died at bible camp, like the ones i attended. she died from the brain-eating amoeba.

i do remember at one bible camp i over heard, i was not a participant in the conversation, that one teen boy was telling other teens that he fucked one of the church going girls, not sure if it was during the bible camp or before they arrived.

and i remember thinking is this guy and the teens christian? bible says sex outside marriage is a sin.

and that was 80s. i'm now adays there are lesbian and gay teens at these bible camps engaging in lesbian and gay sex.

i wondered how can u claim to be a christian and on a christian bible church group talk so casually of having sex?

i now know that well if a christian girl doesn't want to have sex with you she'll say she won't because of jesus, but if she does, she does, and than rationalize it after the fact.

should christian teen girls be having sex before marriage? why do some christian teen girls agree to sex, and others say no, they'll wait?

in my mind the only way to make sense of this is that there is no god, no jesus, and people will use jesus as an excuse not to do something like sex, but if they want sex they will do it regardless of jesus.

my bible summer camps for kids didn't have canoeing or bungee jumping or zip lining sadly. then again no one died of the brain-eating amoeba either

i'll say this, if you want to brainwash young children to be christians for life, in my opinion, the way to do it is to do it like what bible summer camp does, and make it fun.

if you get young children to associate jesus christ, a guy tortured and whipped and crucified, to having fun and excitement in life, i'm sure you can get a lot of them hook. as opposed to punitive threats of hellfire and eternal damnation.

in the documentaries on cults, many cult members express anger and hurt feelings over how their cult indoctrinated them with threats of eternal fire and damnation. they didn't have a happy childhood

in my mind the way to get children to stay is to make it fun and exciting, like what some of these bible camps do. there's no obvious connection with zip lining and jesus christ, but if you mention both or mention something like the zip line represents the holy spirit or something that's probably the way to get them to remain christian into adulthood. in otherwords, give them a happy childhood and have them associate jesus with happiness

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