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"Australian" cult Providence wtf  Empty "Australian" cult Providence wtf

Post by redpill on Sun Sep 02, 2018 6:36 pm

Sun Sep 02, 2018

i'm surfing youtube on cults and i found plenty of documentaries on cults, siberian jesus, aussie jesus aj miller, american jesus wayne bent, moonies scientology

but one cult caught my interest for now,

it is an "Australian" cult Providence,

specifically it is lead by a korean cult leader okay, but it ensnares white australian souls

here's a documentary

i am watching this and shaking my head. i'm thinking wow, thats creepy.

esp this part

"Australian" cult Providence wtf  Vlcsn329

that's really creepy, that is until i saw the church rebuttal

the girl above is

"Australian" cult Providence wtf  Vlcsn330

to compare these 2

"Australian" cult Providence wtf  Vlcsn329
"Australian" cult Providence wtf  Vlcsn330

it's the same person. but one she looks super creepy and the other she looks like a normal australian cutie

so...how does a nice white australian girl who speaks fluent australian english get involved with a korean cult where the guy doesn't even speak english?


in the documentary liz claims 3 pearl jewelry represents a woman's vulva as pastor jung is sex obsessed. ewww. but then the korean woman who actually made the jewelry said the 3 pearls represents the christian trinity, which sounds plausible and she was the one who made it.

when i listen to this aussie cutie

"Australian" cult Providence wtf  Vlcsn330

she says she's always believed in god, so it's like that here in the usa
she's always believed the bible is the word of god. so it's like that here in the usa

but instead of going to a white church, she goes to a korean church where the guy doesnt even speak english.


ive visited some white churchs and for the most part they are empty on a given sunday, except a few super mega churchs and a catholic and mormon church.

given how few people attend church, and its mostly elderly people who do go to church (i guess they drive??!!)

i find it astonishing she not only goes to church but a korean one?  What a Face

the testimonies contradict one another here. one thing i find plausible is that one of the white guys was with liz, liz doesnt speak korean, nor the white guy, and pastor jeong doesnt speak english, so they would need a translator, but he flatly denies pastor jong making sexual remarks to liz, via a english to korean and back translator.

then again pastor jeong is in prison for some sort of sexual thing in korea, so i'm of the camp where there's smoke there' s fire.

i've never heard of this guy or this church. there are of course churches that call themselves providence in the usa but none of them korean AFAIK.

i think this whole state of affairs is a bit strange.

my guess is that since korea is somewhere between a third world country and first world, that pastor jeong got lots of koreans to join him, then they went to australia where they recruited. i'm more skeptical this would work in a first world nation and place like new york, a white guy trying to recruit white followers in a new cult would face a lot of skepticism in the first world, but a cult leader in the third world probably could find followers easily.

seeing all the brides jeuong has lined up for him im thinking wow, how do i start  my own cult?

theres a lot of koreans here in the states, i studied tae kwon do from one.

i cant imagine how a white australian cutie can see some korean guy in korea as the messiah as the second coming of jesus

"Australian" cult Providence wtf  Vlcsn330

but maybe i should move to australia?

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