the last days of summer remembered

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the last days of summer remembered Empty the last days of summer remembered

Post by redpill on Tue Sep 04, 2018 3:19 pm

Tue Sep 04, 2018

my definition of the the last days of summer are the last days of temperatures of 85 or hotter and sunny.

this labor day weekend in my area of the midwest was extremely hot and sunny, Thursday August 30-Monday Sept 3, 2018
i wore tank top had AC on. the car was super hot inside.

but the sun starts setting 7pm and around 7:45pm the sun is set and completely dark, and the sun rise is around 6:30am so day hours are definitely getting shorter.

today Tue Sep 04, 2018 it's cloudy dark and raining.

are these the the last days of summer for 2018 where i live?

of course the weather is unpredictable but the weather man prediction is 70s and rain for the next week. hot weather of course can return, but the sun is setting earlier and rising later.

this weekend is the last day of open outdoor pools, which are now all closed for the season.

of course growing up for me the last day of summer was when school officially starts.

for me, the first day of school after summer was always something of a bummer. i didn't have to do anything over summer as a kid but when school starts i have to get back to classes and homework.

there was no internet in those days so the topic of conversation for all the kids was what they did over the summer, and many of the more wealthy kids talked about their trips to europe, france or fun things they did, or summer camp.

my family did take me to some travelling, from niagra falls to wisconsin dells, to yellow stone park, to florida and disney land.

they did their best with the means they had. i am thankful

so as an adult the last day of summer for me is the last day of a hot sunny day and AC.

for me in summer of 2018 that could very well be monday Sep 03, 2018 labor day weekend.

the last day of summer as a kid was when classes start, that was the end of my summer vacation.

for the most part i saw the same kids return to school each summer, with some changes such as transition from catholic to public school, then elementary to middle school, and from middle school to high school.

i think i prefer living in an area that has 4 seasons in some respects though i prefer spring and autum 50-70F over extreme cold and heat.

i don't know if there will be super hot weather next week, but for me the last days of summer also means a transition of seasons, and coming winter.

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